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Worship of the temple and the shrine is different?! All manners of worship you want to know

by Oda 2181

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Do not pray in the same way when you pray in the temples and shrines? 

In fact, it's in each of worship how there is a difference. 

Thing want to do decent way if pains go to pray. Once you make a mistake, also to be a rude even to God, which is enshrined. 

Temples and shrines. 

Mastered the etiquette of know seems have become ambiguous pray, let's complete the praying was firm. 






Manners when you visit 

[Shalt to bow when entering the temple shrine] 

Once in front of the torii of the temple of the temple gate and shrines, let's bow. 

Temple gate also torii is also the boundary between the secular and the sanctuary. When entering the sanctuary, let's represent a like feeling that respect to the bow. 

[Approach is, shalt proceed to walk the end] 

In the temples, shrines, there is a way to the main hall and the hall of worship, respectively. Says this road with the approach, but to walk the both ends of the road, middle let's move on to avoid. 

The approach is because Buddha or God's path. If you walk in the middle, it will block the Buddha or God's path. 

Avoid the middle , the mind that walk the edge of the approach has been to the manor . 

[Shalt go to the main hall, the hall of worship from cleanse the hands and mouth] 

Before that passed under the torii of the temple of the temple gate and shrines, Yes and reservoir water that chōzuya(Chozu or) to think that there is a place where dipper is placed. 

It is intended to cleanse the hands and mouth before the visit to the main hall and the hall of worship. 

The basic cleansing way is the next step↓ 

(1) has a ladle with your right hand, it cleanses over the water to the left hand and scooping water. 

The amount of about one-quarter of the water saved water to use at this time is a standard. 

(2) Ladle the dimensional worlds on your left, it cleanses over the remaining water to the right of the opposition. 

(3) It is again this time to re-holding the right hand ladle Please be pooled water in the left hand. 

Then rinse your mouth with water of the left hand. This will cleanse the mouth. 

(4) Then, let's cleanse the left hand. 

(5) Finally, on the vertical the ladle, as in the direction of the handle Kakaru dripping water, the end also cleanse ladle! 


Order to cleanse is, the left hand(have a ladle in his right hand) → right hand(have a ladle in the left hand) → mouth → will be left hand → ladle. 

So you can and very easily learn the operation, please check here. 

→ cleanse the way of the hand and the mouth(ref: www.youtube.com)























手と口の清め方 (出典:www.youtube.com)


[Palace visit method of the temple] 

We will explain the palace visit method in the temple. 

In general, it has been made by the following procedure. 

(1) You do bow. In the main hall there, such as tin, let's ring the bell after the bow. 

(2) Put your offertory. Offertory, put in a case where there is a offertory box. 

Amount of money to put in the offertory is different by the free human individual. 

※ I offertory? 

To God, that the money be accommodated in the sense of gratitude for his grant last hope. 

Offertory box is such a box that is placed in front of the main hall ↓ 

(3) Hands together in front of the chest and the "Hands in prayer." At this time, let your time with hands in prayer. 

(4) The end to the last bow. 













[Worship method of Shrine] 

Here, please visit the video. 

But please try to confirm it cleansed the way of the hands and mouth can also recap together ☆ 

→ Shrine method (ref: www.youtube.com)

[Do not forget to bow even when the return]

Pray is finished, even when out of the sanctuary, let's away from the bow.








What is the difference I temples and shrines?

Up to this point, but we have to tell you how to pray, do you know the difference between the first place of temples and shrines? 

Will there is what kind of difference. 

So do not to visit the shrine and did not know here, even if the firm grasp from to worship here. 

[Temple religion of only Japan. You can see the God of the figure] 

Temple in Buddhism, Buddha has been enshrined. Thing that exists for the purpose of monks fit the Buddhism. For this reason, the temple has been enshrined Buddha. This allows you to see worship the object of worship if you go to the temple. 

It is not possible to see worship the object of worship in the shrine. 

The temple, hospital and temples, Daishi, there is a nickname, such as a hermitage, none will have the same meaning. 

In addition, the temple, there is a temple gate. This is per the torii referred to in the shrine. Temple gate is, seems to have become the boundary between the sanctuary and the outside world. 

[Shrine is enshrined a variety of God]

Shrine, honor a variety of things, belong to the Japanese religion of Shinto(Shinto) of finding the God of eight million, it has been dedicated to God of Japan. ※ temple is said to be the religion of only Japan. 

The Shinto, will be called with various names because there are a lot of God. Any "Shrine", "Taisha", "shrine" is also belong to Shinto. 

Among them, the building that has the title of "Jingu" as Ise Shrine and Meiji Jingu is a particularly high-prestige shrine. 

In addition, the shrine called the "Shrine", "Taisha" is usually, has been enshrined God of the emperor and imperial family ancestry. 

In the temple there is a temple gate, in the shrine, but there is a torii, torii has a special meaning there. 

The torii we have a sanctuary that God has come down. 

By distinguishing the world that God and the people that got off to live in the sanctuary, and it is said that it was built in order to live divided, while sharing the existence of God and the people to each other. 


















Temples and shrines of the difference is here!

Each of the difference to try to brief and...


◎ Japanese religion has been implicated , Buddha is enshrined . 

◎ can see worship the object of worship . 

◎ There is a temple gate , the boundary between the sanctuary and the outside world . 


◎ Some variety of God is enshrined. 

◎ It cannot be seen worship the object of worship. 

◎ There is a torii , come down God sanctuary . Torii is to distinguish the world that God and the people live . 











"Introduction worrisome" is "beginning to feel"

I think the other to be some more detailed differences. Also, I think that that notice went to the local. 

"This is?" If you have that thought, but please try to ask the people who are in the temples and shrines without refrain. 

By hear on the spot, should more understanding also deepens, it is possible to feel the deep portion of Japan.