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I will tell you about《OSHIBORI》 which you can’t ask anymore.

by Oda 1156

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When you go outside for eat the restaurant staff will be passed before the meal is ... Wet towel, we called "Oshibori " . 
Actually, It has a firm role and manners (how to use) “OSHIBORI”. This time, we will introduce(explain) about such a wet towel “OSHIBBORI” . 

実はおしぼりにもしっかりとした役目とマナーがあるんです。 今回は、そんなおしぼりについてご紹介していきます。


To begin with , What’ the “OSHIBORI”? 

“OSHIBORI” is the towel that has been used at the time to welcome the guests at the inn(Hotel) in the Edo period has been said to be the origin . When a customer came to the inn(Hotel), they make the towel to wet and squeezed, and the total had dropped the dirt of our hands and feet before entering the indoor. It used to be welcomed from to clean the hands and feet . The act of this " To clean by wet and squeezed towel "  becomes the origin of “OSHIBORI” .  
Well, What’s “OSHIBORI” history which most of people don't know the fact suprisingly.



“OSHIBORI” that the use of the towel has become origin but what’s on earth the meaning has in “OSHIBORI” itself ? This is an explanation from the meaning of “OSHIBORI”. “OSHIBORI” , in addition to the towel , there is also a practice related to the tea ceremony . In practice in the tea ceremony , “OSHIBORI” is saying from “chōzubachi” ( Chozu pot(Vessel)〈水盤 ) that is the pot(Vessel) to ensure the water used to cleanse the body, for example, rinsing the mouth.  it is said that 's what turned cleanse your hands. And, after this “OSHIBORI” became to wipe your hands with a meaning of " will be grateful to have a meal from now”.


手ぬぐいの使い方が起源になったというおしぼりですが、いったいおしぼり自体にはどのような意味があって使われるものなのでしょうか?   おしぼりの意味からご説明します。   おしぼりは、手ぬぐいの他に、茶の湯に関係したならわしもあります。茶の湯でのならわしでは、おしぼりは、手水鉢(ちょうずばち)と呼ばれる神前や仏前の前で口をすすぐなどして身を清めるために使う水を確保する器を使い、手を清めるというところから転じたものだと言われています。 そして、これによっておしぼりは、「これからこのお料理をいただくことに感謝する」という意味を込めながら手を拭くためのものだというものでもあるようです。

Only hand wipe ? But people tend to do actually towel manners was NG 

I think that there is an image of " towel = wipe " . However , the act by using a towel other than the " wipe the hand " has been a not very well as manners of hand towel . 
Wiping your hands on the towel , but is that it is you , or no experience of wiping the mouth and table using the After that towel ? In fact , you can wipe the mouth and table in the towel is the NG. A little different from the napkin , which is often used in Western cuisine , hand towel will be something to be prepared in order to wipe the hand rather than the mouth . If you want to wipe the mouth and tables , or use a tissue paper , or wipe with a platform roofing , let or asked to wipe the table asking people shop . 


おしぼりで手を拭くことはみなさんされていることですが、そのあとおしぼりを使って口やテーブルを拭いた経験はありませんか? 実は、おしぼりで口やテーブルを拭くことはNGとされているんです。 西洋料理で使われることの多いナプキンとは少し違って、おしぼりは口ではなく手を拭くために用意されるものになります。 口やテーブルを拭きたい場合には、ティッシュペーパーを使ったり、台ふきで拭いたり、お店の人に頼んでテーブルを拭いてもらったりしましょう。   

It was also on hand towel ! Timing and use was after the thing to use

I towel , you or be those warm or be those cold depending on the season and shops . Basically , the hand towel is is to use as soon as issued have been and manners . While cold if cold towel , let's use in less cold warm if warm ones . 
In addition, the after wiping your hands on the towel , fold the wipe portion inward , let's put back into the position that was put originally . So I think , such as where the towel is that come the timing and put out is different depending on the shop , let's use to meet from time to time . It makes us to polite feeling " towel "

Surprisingly , it is the manners of tend to mistake the hand towel , and know including its meaning , or more Idake thanks for the meal , I think we can enjoy a more diet or accustomed to polite feelings . Please enjoy the time of a more special meal we also have consciousness .


おしぼりは、季節やお店によって冷たいものであったり温かいものであったりしますね。 基本的に、おしぼりは出されたらすぐに使うのがマナーとされています。冷たいおしぼりであれば冷たいうちに、温かいものであれば温かく冷めないうちに使いましょう。
また、おしぼりで手を拭いたあとには、拭いた部分を内向きにたたみ、もともと置いてあった位置に戻して置きましょう。 おしぼりが出てくるタイミングや置かれている場所などはお店によって違うと思うので、その時々に合わせて使っていきましょう。