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Vaping in Japan

by Veronika 71238

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As a former staff of a vape store in Tokyo,

I have had many foreigners come up to me

asking various questions about the Japanese

vaping culture, the laws, and products made

in Japan. So I will be using the most asked

questions as the basis for this article.


Is vaping legal?

Vaping is in fact legal, however you might be

asked to put away your vape in some

establishments (even restaurants and bars where

regular smoking is allowed) if your device makes

big clouds, since it is considered a bother to other


Vaping on the streets is not illegal, but you might

get some icy stares if you do it, especially from the

older generations. It is generally better to use the

smoking areas.


Selling nicotine e-juice is illegal. What this means,

is that you can have your own nicotine e-juice with

you, but you will not be able to buy any in Japan.

Liquid nicotine found in e-juice is considered a

pharmaceutical substance, so only certified

pharmacists can sell it.

If you live in Japan and want to get some nicotine

e-juice, you can order it online from overseas. The

legal limit of import is 120 ml of liquid per month

per person.


Is vaping popular?

Although not as popular as it is overseas, vaping

has been steadily becoming more popular in Japan.

However, non-combustible heat cigarettes like IQOS

(Phillip Morris International) and vaping pens using

tobacco capsules like Ploom Tech (Japan Tobacco)

are more well-known and used widely in the country.


Can I bring my device on a plane?

When traveling, keep your device in your carry-on,

and put it separately on the tray with electronics when

going through customs. Keep your e-juice in small

bottles in a see-through plastic bag. Be sure that your

batteries are not exposed.

One other thing to keep in mind is the variety of rules

in the airports of your connecting flights. I have had a

friend bring his e-cigarette with no problems to Japan

only to have it taken away at an airport in Singapore.

So be sure to check out the regulations of all the

connecting airports.


Where can I get a vape device made in Japan?

Even though vaping is gaining popularity, there are not

many companies that make the devices. And the ones

that are actually being made, are mostly pen types and

not too popular. If you are interested, you can check out

the Yokozuna starter kit or Nosmo pen.


What flavor of e-juice is the most popular in Japan?

What are the recommended brands of Japanese e-juice?

In Japan, as in many other Asian countries, fruity menthol

flavors are the most popular. On the other hand, if you are

looking for good pastry flavors, you might be out of luck.

The biggest Japanese e-juice brands are the Kamikaze

e-juice and Bi-So. Brands like MK Vape, Ninja Workz,

Fusion Juice or Haight are also popular. Some e-juice will

have vitamins or caffeine in them.


I would recommend checking out these e-liquids

(in no particular order):

Mega Muscat by Snowfreaks (sister company of Kamikaze).

White grape and menthol flavor. Although not particularly

special in theory, this flavor is one of the best-selling

Japanese e-juice.

Nagomi series by Bi-So. Perfect if you are looking for

traditional Japanese flavors. The lineup consists of

Sakura Tea, Matcha Café Latte (Japanese green tea latte),

and Dorayaki (bean jam pancake) flavors.

Niku Yasai Itame (meat & vegetable stir-fry) by Bi-So.

This is more of a gag gift. Once put in an atomizer, the

slight flavor will remain there forever. Also in the lineup

is the Italian Pizza flavor.

Koi-Koi series by MK Vape. If you are looking for sweet

vapes, this might be your best bet. Vanilla based flavors

with melon, dragon fruit, coffee & chocolate, and apple

& caramel. Additionally, the design of the package is

very beautiful as well.

Mango Cream by Ninja Workz. A creamy mango flavor,

but not too sweet.

Kishu Ume by Fusion Juice. If you like Japanese plum

wine, you will love this flavor. You might also want to

check out Kyoto Matcha from the same company - the

most true to the original Japanese green tea flavor.


A small (10-15 ml) bottle of e-juice costs around

1,000 Yen plus tax (around 9 USD), while the bigger

ones are around 3,000 Yen.


Some vape shops in Tokyo

There are quite a few vape shops in Tokyo, particularly

in Shibuya and Shinjuku areas. They are easy to spot

by the sign 「電子タバコ専門店」(electronic cigarette store).

Some stores have foreign staff members and/or English

speaking Japanese staff.


Vape Studio

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Akasaka, Kichijoji, Kanda, Machida, Ueno and more!



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Beyond Vape Japan

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Vape House

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Vape Treasure

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