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Tachikawa - an Amazing Place for Enjoying Both Anime & Autumn!

by WJSstaff 2029

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Take a 24 minute ride by JR Chuo main line train to

Tachikawa - a city in the metropolitan Tokyo area with

amazing parks and a more relaxed atmosphere around it,

especially when compared to central Tokyo...


There are many interesting sightseeing spots in

Tachikawa, like the Showa Park, public art spaces

around the city, and the famous Manga Park! Let us

take you on a journey filled with art through this amazing



Recommended Course

Tachikawa Station North Exit→ FARET Tachikawa Art →

Showa Memorial Park Nishiki Dai 2 Park

Mezurashiya Tachikawa 1 → Tachikawa Manga Park

Tachikawa Yatai-Mura Paradise



Time51min + time for meals & looking around


1.   Find your favorite masterpiece in

FARET Tachikawa Art

Headed by director Fram Kitagawa, FARET Tachikawa Art

is a space where over 100 pieces of art from 36

countries made by 92 artists are displayed. It is so much

fun to walk around while looking for great art.


2.   Enjoy the autumn colors in Showa Memorial Park

Showa Memorial Park is a huge piece of nature which

takes up an area 40 times bigger than the Tokyo Dome!

The lawn area is always lively with families on a picnic

or foreign visitors. Since the park is quite big, you will

have to take a long walk, but the colorful leaves in

autumn make it worth your while.


Showa Memorial Park

3173 Midori-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo


1st November to the end of February, schedule is

subject to change


Adults(Above 15) - 410 Yen

Children (6-15 years) - 80 Yen

Elderly (Above 65, ID required) - 210 Yen

Preschool children can enter for free


3.   Take some amusing pictures on the playground

dubbed “The Demon Park”

You can find an adorable and slightly creepy slide in

“The Demon Park”, which is quite famous, featured

several times on TV and in magazines. Stop by to

check it out when you pass by the park.

Nishiki Dai 2 Park

1-5-13 Midori-cho, Tachikawa-shi Tokyo


Walking around, you can find special wending machines

decorated with pictures from the anime “A Certain

Magical Index”. You can find these very same vending

machines and similar ones in different places in

Tachikawa, making it seem that the city is a great place

for anime fans.


4.   Look for nostalgic recordings in this cozy shop

Mezurashiya is a record shop with 4 stores in Tachikawa

and Kokubunji. You can find an original selection of

around 20,000 used CDs, DVDs, vinyls in this store.

Vinyl records are gaining popularity in recent years, so

there are a lot of fans of analog music coming into the

shop. The artistic album covers make you indulge in

some impulsive buying... You can listen to the records

in the store before buying them.

Mezurashiya Tachikawa 1


1-5-23 Midori-cho, Tachikawa-shi Tokyo


Open throughout the year


5.   Entry ticket costs less than a coin! Unlimited time in

the Manga Park

Unlimited time for 400 Yen entry ticket!? In addition, you

can choose from around 40,000 manga books in the

famous Manga Park!

Tatami mats are spread out over the whole area, so you

can sit or lay down anywhere you want~ You can choose

from various spaces, like personal cupboard-like rooms,

spacious terrace, or a café where you can have a meal, to

spend your day in a laid-back manner.

You can find around 1,000 picture books, mangas on

history, and even manga books for learning in this vast

lineup of around 40,000 books! The collections are

organized by genres for your convenience, so you can

find some unexpected gems!

Tachikawa Manga Park


3-2-26 Midori-cho, Tachikawa-shi Tokyo

Kodomo Mirai Center 2F

Weekdays 1000-1900

Weekends & Holidays 1000-2000


Adults 400 YenChildren 200 Yen

No time limit



6.   A line of 13 restaurants called

Tachikawa Yatai-Mura Paradise”

(Street vendor village paradise)

“Tachikawa Yatai Mura Paradise” is a kind of a food

theme park, reflecting the liveliness of the post-war

revival in the 1950’s Japan. There are 13 shops in

this area, so you can choose the one that fits your

mood the best - from traditional Japanese Okonomiyaki

to American style restaurants.

One of the recommended restaurants is the barbeque

shop “Yakiniku Tokuchan”. Order the Japanese favorite

horumon - pieces of pig innards and have nice drink.

Talk with the other patrons of the restaurant and the

locals while enjoying your evening after a long day of

walking around.


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