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Business Day
September 15 (Thursday) & September 16 (Friday), 2016 10:00-17:00
※Admission on Business Day is restricted to people working in the game industry and those in the press.
※Advance registration for Business Day will start on early August.
Public Day
September 17 (Saturday) & September 18 (Sunday), 2016 10:00-17:00
※Entry for general visitors will be closed on 16:00.
※Opening time may be shifted earlier for some types of ticket

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2016 has closed.

TOKYO GAME SHOW and Japan Game Awards 20th Anniversary Booth

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Tokyo Game Show and Japan Game Awards, we set up the “Tokyo Game Show and Japan Game Awards 20th Anniversary Booth” in Hall 3 where you can experience the past and future of games.

“Look back on 20 Years History” Corner

In the Japan Game Awards Corner, the progression of the TOKYO GAME SHOW and Japan Game Awards will be presented with all past posters. Together with that, you can look back on the 20 year history of games, one panel for a year(in cooperation with: Famitsu editors).
There is even a space below the panels for visitors to post a message. We hope that all of your memories will connect to spread the fun and appeal of games even further. Furthermore, we have provided a station for you to try out nostalgic titles that have won a Japan Game Award. We are also displaying paper boards with congratulatory messages sent from top creators for the 20th anniversary

A cosplay event is planned for Public Days
TOKYO GAME SHOW 2016 will feature Cosplay Areas in the part of Hall 9-10 and as well as outside the venue on south side (bay side) of Hall 4 through 6. And on September 17th (Sat), Cosplay Collection Night @TGS presented by Cure will be held starting at 18:30 in Hall 1 (Event Stage). We hope all cosplayers will be sure to attend.

Cosplay Collection Night @TGS presented by Cure


Cure, Japan's largest cosplay community website, presents a "Moving Cosplay" stage show. Enjoy 90 minutes of new cosplay excitement with a cosplay fashion show and performances presented by the top cosplayers from Japan and overseas. You'll see cosplay of characters you love and some very rare characters too. Catch the fever at this new sensational show!