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Shopping in Shimokitazawa

by Veronika 3300

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In this article, we will take you to one of the
fastest growing youth spots in Tokyo -
Shimokitazawa. This place is also known as
the Holy Land of Tokyo subculture with many
live music houses, theaters and thrift stores.
However, in this article we will show you the
other side of Shimokitazawa and its’ great
shopping spots, as well as “Shimokitazawa
Cage” - an interesting event park project
under a bridge. You will fall in love with this
part of Tokyo for sure!

Recommended route

Shimokitazawa Station South-West Exit →
Fog → Sopo Keittio → Neue →
Shimokitazawa Cage → Shimokitazawa Station

Distance: 2.1 km
Steps: 3,014
Time: 26 min + Shopping, Relaxing
Budget: 2,500

1. Linen goods for hot summers.
Shimokitazawa station is currently under
construction, making it a little confusing
to navigate. The South exit closed in March
of this year, and a new South-West exit
opened in October of last.

The South-West exit open since October 2017
is used by many passengers. If you want to get
to the shopping street, leave the gate and
head to your left; if you want to go towards
the West entrance, go to your right.

Your first destination is a shop called “Fog”,
selling linen goods from a popular brand “Fog
Linen Work”. Leave the gate and climb the
staircase on your right. Head to the residential
area near the West Exit. Make the white cross
of Tokyo Citizens Church your marker and go
down the hill.

The store is right by the Church, so go towards
the big white cross.

The store “Fog” is a popular shop selling
kitchen linen, bed linen, clothes and other
original goods made from linen. The goods are
in cooperation with a factory located in
Lithuania. Designs and colors are decided by
“Fog” in Japan and afterwards production is

Designs are Japanese, and production is

If you are not familiar with linen, you can just
ask the staff for some pointers. Products sold
in the store can be washed with a washing
machine. Kitchen cloths are covered with a
special glue, so if you get one, it is better to
wash it at first. If you do it, it will become softer
and will absorb liquids better. The linen dries
very quickly, so you can be sure it will stay
hygienic. The more you wash it, the softer it
becomes! Summer season is the perfect time
to get your first linen goods.

Top Left: Kitchen cloths are absolute
bestsellers. They are slightly bigger than
regular Japanese cloths.
Top Right: You can find various goods and
cutlery as well.
Bottom Left: The original accessories are made
in India. Bracelets and key-holders are quite
popular among men.
Bottom Right: Original clothes from “Fog Linen
Work” brand. The popular items for this
summer are colorful no-sleeve dresses and

A nice present for a friend or yourself might be
the linen cloth “Cecil” (1,242 yen). It is different
and looks fancier than a Japanese cloth.
Although it is made to be used for drying dishes,
it looks nice just placed on the table as a

Left: Being surrounded by nice kitchen items
brings happiness to cooking.
Right: Fold the cloth in half and use it as a
place-mat. The dark color of the cloth makes
the colors of the food pop.

5-35-1 Daita, Setagaya-ku Tokyo
Open 12:00-18:00
Closed on Weekends and National Holidays

After getting something nice and linen, head
towards your next location.
Climb back up the hill and go towards the West
entrance to the station. Cross the Keio
Inokashira line railroad and continue ahead.

The train headed for Kichijoji. The West exit is
not under construction, so you can see the
regular Japanese station work.

2. Explore Scandinavian design as seen by
Walking down the Skimokitazawa shopping
street, you will come across a nice-looking
The billboards will lead you to your next
destination - a small store called “Sopo Keittio”
selling various kitchen goods opened in 2015.

Left: The outside of the store looks like a
regular building, making it difficult to find
without the help of billboards.
Right: The owner of the store, Mrs. Ogawa.

Inside of the store you will find numerous small
goods, mostly for the kitchen. Shop name
“Sopo Keittio” means “cute kitchen” in Finnish.

The store is decorated with colorful flowers and
lamps, turning the shopping experience into a

Most of the 500 various goods sold at “Sopo
Keittio” are made by a Scandinavian designers.
Product selection is expanded every month.

Left: Tableware by a Swedish food package
illustrator Ingela Arrhenius.
Right: Swedish “House of Rym” brand cups are
colorful and inspiring.

When you think of Scandinavian goods, you
might think of “Marimekko”, “Iittala” or “Arabia”.
The goods selected by the owner of the store
all remind of these famous designs, as they are
made by people who love these brands and
take inspiration from them. Many of the items
in the store are very well loved in Japan.

sopo keittio
2-40-18 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku Tokyo
Open Weekdays 14:00-19:00
Weekends 11:00-19:00
Closed on Tuesdays

As you head towards Shimokitazawa station,
you will come across this popular store.

The store is crowded no matter the day of
the week or the time.

This shop is a famous thrift store of
Shimokitazawa - “New York Joe”. This place
is a definite must-visit of the area!

3. A great duo of sweets and wine!
Cross the rail road and head straight until you
reach the supermarket “Ozeki”. Walk past it and
you will reach the next destination in about 1

The exterior looks great - blue-gray walls with
dried flowers.

This is the store called “Neue” serving
handmade sweets and organic wine - two
favorite things of women combined. The store
was opened in 2016 by Mrs. Sugawara, who
used to be in charge of desserts in a bistro in
Shibuya. The store is indeed very popular, as it
is nearly impossible to get in without a

The cheese cake (500 yen) might be a good
choice with wine. Although the other ones also
look amazing.

If you are unable to get into the store, don’t
worry - you can still choose a dessert from a
rotating take out menu. A popular choice is the
Canele (350 yen). The outside of the sweet is
crispy and the inside is soft. Even though it is
quite small, you can enjoy both crispiness and
softness at the same time. It is one of the
reasons this dessert is so popular and sells out
so quickly.

Size is small at about 5 cm. You might want to
get more than one.

If you want to visit the cafe, we recommend you
to book in advance.

2-7-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku Tokyo
Open Sun, Mon 15:00-19:00,
Wed-Sat 18:00-22:00
Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

4. Take a break under the bridge.
After leaving “Neue”, turn the “Gallery Geki”
corner and head South. As you pass under the
Keio Inokashira line bridge, you are greeted
with an interesting sight!

You will see a huge bird cage-like construction
in front of you.

The name of this steel and fence construction
is the “Shimokitazawa Cage”. It was opened
in 2016 for a limited time when part of the
construction of the Inokashira line bridge was
completed. The event park is set to close in

Left: The outside seating for the warm season.
Right: Asian bar stall “Long Va Quan”. You can
take out the drinks purchased here.

“Shimokitazawa Cage” is a space with
completely different atmosphere during the
day and night. Daytime cage looks more like a
park and is a part of the walking courses of
locals, or a nice break spot for tourists and
students. At 5 PM (3PM on weekends) the bar
stall “Long Va Quan” opens, and the cage gets
filled with people of various ages enjoying food
and drinks until midnight.
At “Long Va Quan” you can enjoy Thai,
Vietnamese and other Asian foods. There are
also interesting drinks offered, like the “Tom
Yam Kung Mojito” (800 yen) with coriander and
chili pepper. Apparently, you can only get such
drinks here, so do try them out before the
“Shimokitazawa Cage” closes.

“Shimokitazawa Night Market” event when you
can shop and have delicious drinks at the same

There are various events organized at the
“Shiokitazawa Cage”. One of the popular ones
would be the “Shimokitazawa Night Market”.
You can come across many different flee
markets happening during the day all around
Tokyo but a night market outdoors is unusual.
In this marketplace you can find anything you
might want or need, including used clothes,
vinyl records, accessories or craft goods - all
a staple of Shimokitazawa.
The closest time for a night market is June 28
(Thursday) from 5PM. Visit if you have the time.

Shimokitazawa Cage
2-6-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku Tokyo
Shimokitazawa Cage 13:00-24:00
Long Va Quan Weekdays 17:00-24:00
Weekends 15:00-24:00

The route discussed in the article focused on
shopping for various small goods in
Shimokitazawa. The area is visited by many
different people every day, and there are just
as many different ways of having a great time,
so do explore it and discover the
Shimokitazawa that is perfect just for you.


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