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Family Fun in Komazawa

by Veronika 3380

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In this article we will look at some interesting
places and fun things to do around the
Komazawa University station, particularly the
Komazawa Olympic Park, the 8th largest park
in Tokyo. In this park you can find many points
of interest - from a large open space suitable
for picnics and children’s playing grounds, to
bicycle and jogging courses and training
During summer Splashing Pond is open for kids
to splash about. There are plenty of shops
nearby offering take-out food, so you can enjoy
it in the park. Visit Komazawa when you want
to spend a lazy Sunday outside.


Recommended route

Komazawa University Station (West Exit) →

Okazucake Coven →

Brooklyn Ribbon Fries Komazawa →

Komazawa Olympic Park → Mr. Farmer →

CoCuore → Komazawa University Station


Distance: 3.2 km

Steps: 4,550

Time: 39 min + meals, relaxation

Budget: 4,000 yen


Leaving the Komazawa University station, you

will see a big street in front of you. There are

plenty of nice shops along this street, such as a

cake store “Naoki” that has the most delicious

fresh cream, or a rice ball specialty store

“Kitchen Lettuce” loved by kids. You can try

visiting these shops looking for the perfect

picnic food just for you.

1. Cakes with beef stew or napolitana?

Opened just recently after renovation in a new

location, “Okazu Cake Coven” can be found

down the narrow street behind the station.

These cube-shaped side-dish cakes were

invented by Youko Amako, a food coordinator.

“Easy to eat, good looking and nutritious” is the

idea behind these cakes. The slightly sweet

cake base works well with the savory fillings,

making it a fun experience trying to choose one.

“Coven” cakes are perfect in-between meals,

preventing overeating of sweet foods.

There are various types of cakes to choose

from, from savory Chicken Stew (346 yen)

or Shrimp in Chili Sauce (389 yen), to sweet

ones like Sesame Dango (324) and Chocolate

Banana Custard (410 yen).


A good choice for energetic kids about to play

in the park would be Beef Stew cake (410 yen).

It is very nutritious with not only sauce, but

actual beef as well.

An important aspect of these cakes is their

appealing appearance. Pictured above are the

Beef Stew (410 yen), Napolitana (324 yen)

and Onion Gratin Soup (346 yen) cakes.


The cakes are easy to eat, as their cake base

is sturdy, and the shape and size are

convenient. Even kids can enjoy them without

the risk of getting food all over their clothes.


Okazu Cake Coven

4-5-2 Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku Tokyo


Open Thu-Sat 10:00-18:00



After leaving the Coven, go to a hamburger

shop near the entrance to the Komazawa

Olympic Park.


2. Long curly fries that look like apple peel!

The street in front of the Komazawa Olympic

Park has everything you might need for a nice

picnic - cafes and restaurants with all sorts

of different foods for every mood and a 100

yen store where you can find cheap picnic


Try out a stylish NY-style shop “Brooklyn Ribbon

Fries Komazawa” for fried potatoes enjoyed by

both adults and children alike. You can choose

from many different flavors of fries

themselves - like sea salt & black pepper, Cajun

spice, or cinnamon sugar - and top it all off with

a nice guacamole, chili beans or maple mustard


Through the windows you can see the nice and

bright inside of the store. The doors are also

wide enough for a baby stroller. You can choose

to eat in if you are not in the mood for a picnic.


The fried potatoes are being made in an open

kitchen, so you can observe the process.

Potatoes are cut with a special cutter to make

them long and curly, and then they are deep

fried in oil. Watching the process might be a

nice entertainment while you are waiting for

your fries.

You can observe fries and hamburgers being

made in the big open kitchen.


Another recommendation would be a drink

using a special syrup made from Kumamoto


You can buy the special Kumamoto ginger

syrup in the store.


We recommend trying out the combination of

Onion Gratin Soup Ribbon Fries (L size 780 yen)

and Guacamole Dip (150 yen). As for the

drinks, try the sweet Ginger Milk (400 yen) -

ginger syrup mixed with milk, or the store’s

bestseller Ginger Ale (450 yen). The former is

sweet and does not have a strong ginger taste,

so it is great for children.

The L size of potatoes looks quite big, however

the fries are not too oily, so it goes down as

quite a light snack.



2-14-11 Higashigaoka, Meguro-ku Tokyo


Open 11:00-17:00, 18:00-22:30

Closed on Mondays



After getting everything you need for a picnic,

finally head into the park!

There is a nice small playing ground near

the park.

Bushes and trees are panted along the paved
path. Beautiful flowers bloom depending on
the season.

3. Enjoying the outside.

If you enter the Komazawa Olympic Park

through the East Gate, you will see a huge

lawn - the Freedom Square. Right by the picnic

space you can see a soccer field, so you can

enjoy your lunch while watching the game.

On weekends the park is full of families

enjoying their picnics, playing badminton and

other fun games.

On weekends the paved road by the lawn is

filled with people roller-skating, riding kick

scooters and striders.

Lay something on the ground and enjoy a

relaxing day on the lawn. There many trees

and bushes around, so kids can enjoy playing

with acorns and leaves.

You can also take your friends out for a fun

party picnic at the park. There are so many nice

stores around, you will never run out of

delicious options.


If you run out of food during your picnic, don’t

fret - you can find places that sell food inside

the park as well. Try out the recently renewed

hot dug bun sandwich store located between

the East and West exits.

The hot dog bun sandwich shop can be a little

crowded even on weekdays.


You can also get your hands on some play

equipment if you haven’t brought your own.

You can buy soap bubbles, rubber balls and

even rackets here.

You can see a plum grove behind the store. A

nice smell spreads around when the trees are

blooming or in early summer, when the fruits

are ripe.


After you finish your picnic meal, you can walk

around the park looking for fun places and

activities. There are three big playgrounds in

the park, bicycle training course for children

and a family center.

You can rent out a bicycle with training wheels

to help your child learn to ride on a nice circle

course. You can choose from 12 and 14-inch

bicycles (1 hour 100 yen). Helmets are free.

A nice place for kids to learn riding a bicycle.


For those wanting a challenge without the

training wheels, there is a bigger and more

enjoyable course passing through trees. This

course has slight hills, curves and pedestrian

crossings, so it is great for first practice

without training wheels. After mastering this

course, the kids can make their debut on the

grown-up bicycle course circling the whole


Left: For the course you can rent out a 16-inch

bicycle with training wheels or 14, 16, 18-inch

bicycle without them (1 hour 100 yen).

Right: The bicycles receive the best

maintenance possible, so you can let your kids

ride them without worries.


In the family center you can rent out a

four-wheeled bicycle. Anyone can ride these

bikes - from children to the elderly, so they are

perfect for family outings.

The four wheelers cost 210 yen for the first

two rounds, and then are additional 100 yen

for each new round.


Komazawa Olympic Park

2 Higashigaoka 5 Yakumo, Komazawa-koen, Meguro-ku Tokyo


Park management 03-3421-6431


4. Park café with vegan and gluten-free menu!

After a whole day of playing outside, visit the

café “Mr. Farmer”. It opened just last spring at

the West entrance to the park.

The shop opens at 7AM, perfect for early



The inside of the café is spacious as well, but

we recommend using their terrace if the

weather is nice. The store is pet friendly,

welcoming dog owners during their walks.

There are many trees around providing a cool

shade - a refuge from the summer’s heat.

Top Left: We recommend trying some vegan

sweets from the menu or one of the

customizable salads.

Top Right: Near the café you can find the

Splashing Pond open only during summer.

Bottom Left: There are plenty of regular table

seating arrangements provided on the terrace,

but we recommend trying out the sofa seats

hidden in the shade of trees.

Bottom Right: There is a take-out menu as well.


On weekends you can participate in the

farmer’s market. There are also other various

events happening in the store, you can find out

more about them on their Facebook page.

Left: Detox water with fruits and vegetables is

provided for free.

Right: There are also sofa seats inside the



We recommend trying out the Veggie Smoothie

(790 yen) made from 5 different vegetables

and fruits. The taste is sweet and does not

remind of vegetables too much, so it is perfect

for kids. One smoothie can be quite filling.

The café is not too far from the road, but it

isn’t noisy at all.


The bathroom is nice with a diaper changing

table. Visit this café after a long day at the park

for a bathroom break and a diaper change.

Magazines and picture books are free to use

inside the café.



1-1-2 Komazawa-koen, Setagaya-ku Tokyo


Open 7:00-21:00



5. Shop for perfect weekend clothes.

After you have enjoyed your food and the

outdoors, head back towards the station. On

your way stop by a children’s clothing store

“Co Cuore”.

Main items in the store are children’s clothes,

but you can also find matching clothing and

accessories sets for parents and children.

Left: The clothing in the store is colorful and

reasonably priced

Right: A dress for a girl and a matching skirt for

the mom from Japanese brand “Caidia”.

Mothers’ hat and bag can also be used by the


Left: Store manager Suzuki says: “The hat I’m

wearing is also wearable by children. Our hats

can be worn by both kids and adults, so

everybody can enjoy them”.

Right: Children’s clothing sizes range from

newborn to about 160 cm tall.


The clothes displayed at the store are selected

by the manager Suzuki, who is a mother herself.

The store is small, yet the time just slips away

just looking at them. “As kids start going to

school they can share some of the clothes with

their mothers. Recently we sell a lot of pool

bags and raincoats” (Manager Suzuki).

Left: Vinyl pool bag that doubles as a rucksack

is quite popular this season.

Right: Various inexpensive goods are also the

manager’s idea as a mom: “When you attend

Christmas or birthday parties where kids are

invited, you often have to bring a small present

of about 500 yen. That is why we sell different

accessories and other small goods.”


There is one more reason for this store’s

popularity. If you bring your cloth, they can

make you a lesson bag, as well as tailor and

hem up clothes, or fix the buttons, making

this store loved by busy moms. “When you

have kids, you often have to make different

things and tailor clothes. However, not

everybody can do it, so we are glad to offer

our help” says Suzuki.


Children’s Clothing Co Cuore

2-1-6 Komazawa, Setagaya-ku Tokyo



After you leave “Co Cuore” you will see

the station right in front of you. After

playing outside for the whole day, the kids

will surely be tired. Going to an amusement

park is fun, but it is nice to spend a nice day

at the park once in a while.

There are many nice restaurants that can

only be found in the area around Komazawa,

so definitely explore it when you have time.

Also, if you visit the Olympic Park in summer,

bring bathing suits or spare clothes for your

children so they can enjoy playing in the

Splashing Pond!



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