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Exploring Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

by Veronika 3649

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Hibiya is the hot spot of this season with
"Tokyo Midtown Hibiya" opening on 29 March.
In this multipurpose building you can find
various fashion and lifestyle stores, restaurants
and entertainment venues, making it one of the
most visited structures in the area.
Hibiya was also the home for Rokumeikan -
a prominent Meiji era (1868-1912) building,
where balls and high society parties were held,
symbolizing Westernization in Japan. Even
though the building itself was demolished in
1941, its' legacy prevails, as Hibiya is still
known as an art and culture hub with a
number of theaters and cinemas concentrated
in the area.
Even though Hibiya is mostly filled with office
buildings, you can also find some greenery -
a park and even the Imperial Palace, making it
a perfect place for a relaxing walk.

Recommended Route

Hibiya Station Exit A5 →
HMV & Books Hibiya Cottage →
Three/Revive Kitchen Three →
Hibiya Central Market →
Hamanoya Parlor Yurakucho →
Kasumigaseki Station

Distance: 2.2 km
Steps: 2,915
Time: 27 min + tea, shopping
Budget: 3,500 yen

1. A bookstore for the ladies!
Leave Hibiya station from A5 exit and head
towards "Hibiya Chanter" - a shopping mall
located 3 minutes away from the station.

Left: "HMV & Books" - the first bookstore
targeting women.
Right: Celebrating 30 years since its' opening,
Chanter building was renovated and a Godzilla
statue was built in front of it.

On 23rd March 2018 "HMV & Books Hibiya
Cottage" was opened on the 3rd floor of
"Hibiya Chanter". The concept of the shop is
"bookstore for women" and many female
creators were involved in making this store
the way it is.
Hibiya is a hub of theater and cinema culture,
so there are many books and magazines on
movies, music and various plays.

Since it is a store aimed at women, there are
also plenty of books for ladies, as well as a
corner with women-oriented goods. There is
also a whole wall filled with books with pink
jackets. Taking pictures in the store is allowed,
so don't be shy.

The pink cover book corner is bright and
catches your eye immediately. This might be a
time to judge books by their covers.

The books are grouped by their themes based
on feelings of "new meetings; discovery; new

You can also find a corner with books, whose
titles include an onomatopoeia or a phenomime.
You really cannot tell the contents of a book
just by these words! A poster in the store urges
you to choose a book based on your feelings,
not on descriptions. What an interesting
approach to reading...

Top Left: There are various goods in the store,
like these aroma diffusers, so you can stop by
for a small gift.
Top Right: Lovely flower bouquets for sale - a
collaboration with Hibiya-Kadan.
Bottom Left: Seasonings are sold at the
cooking book corner.
Bottom Right: They even sell different types
of curry sauce!

Hanada, who has worked in many different
bookstores, wrote a book about her
experiences with online dating.

The manager of "HMV & Books Hibiya Cottage"
Nanako Hanada wrote a book called "A year
spent meeting 70 people from dating websites
and finding books for them". The long title sells
the book, doesn't it...
Filled with various books on beauty, fashion,
and design, this store awakens the maiden
hearts in its' customers.

1-2-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Hibiya Chanter 3rd Floor
Open: 11:00-20:00

2. Tokyo Midtown Hibiya - the new landmark
of the city!
As you leave Hibiya Chanter, you will be greeted
with a sight of the building of Tokyo Midtown
Hibiya. As it was opened quite recently, you
might find it full with visitors even on a weekday.
Visit the "Revive Kitchen Three Hibiya" on the
second floor - a restaurant opened by a
Japanese cosmetic brand "Three" where health
and beauty are combined.

Left: You can get food at the popular cosmetic
brand store "Three".
Right: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is a huge complex
with around 60 shops, restaurants, and
entertainment venues!

There are plenty of items on the menu that
are gluten-free or vegan, made from seasonal
vegetables and other fresh local ingredients.

Main dishes are in the theme of "Modern
Shojin", which don't use meat or fish.
Some of the dishes and sweets can be
taken out. The menu item pictured above
costs around 2,800 yen.

We recommend getting the "Seasonal Ozen
Platter" for 1,800 yen. In the 9 small bowls
you can find marinated carrots, soup, rice roll
or pound cake. You can also get the bigger
menu for 2,800 yen.

Inside the restaurant. Since it is connected to
the cosmetics store, you can also buy beauty
products on the spot. This might be a good
place for present-searching.

If you decide to have the take-out item on the
menu, head to the 6th floor, where you can
find a nice roof terrace. Since you can see
Hibiya park from the terrace, it has been called
the "Park View Garden". Enjoy your lunch while
taking in the amazing views.

Top Left: A nice place to meet up with friends
and taking a break from shopping.
Top Right: You can see the Imperial Palace
gardens and Hibiya park from the top!
Bottom Left: Picnic with your take-out lunch.
Bottom Right: You might get so relaxed, you will
forget you are in the middle of Tokyo!

1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 2F
Tel:03-6206-6454 (Shop)
Tel:03-6273-3414 (Deli)
Open: Restaurant 11:00-23:00
          Deli & Shop 11:00-21:00

3. Some light shopping at a retro market.
After leaving "Revive Kitchen Three Hibiya",
use the nearby escalator to go up to the 3rd
floor and your next destination.

The atrium is very spacious and has an
open-space feel.

The space is divided into 9 shops.

"Hibiya Central Market" was created by
Takayuki Minami and publishing company
The store resembles a small town, and
apparently Mr. Minami took inspiration for
this store from markets, towns and alleyways
he visited when traveling abroad. This makes
"Hibiya Central Market" a unique experience,
worth visiting if only to marvel at the design.

Top Left: Magazines, newspapers and stationary
are laid out creating the feel of station kiosk.
Top Right: In "Barber Hibiya" they offer various
services, including face shave for women.
Bottom Left: "Library" is a store created based
on the looks of foreign museums and libraries,
and it has everything from clothing to vintage
Bottom Right: "Ikkaku" operates as a cafeteria
during the day, and feels more like a tavern in
the evening. Popular items include fried chicken
and highball.

You can buy all interior items located inside this
The atmosphere makes you feel like you have
made a time slip into the past.

1-1-2 Yurakuco, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 3F
Open: Shops 11:00-21:00, Dining 11:00-23:00

4. Grab a sandwich from an old café.
When you leave "Tokyo Midtown Hibiya" and
head towards Yurakucho, you will find yourself
wandering into a town of office buildings and
people in suits. Try not to bump into the
hurrying business people as you go
underground under Shin-Yurakucho building to
a café called "Hamanoya Parlor".

Many cafes have outside seating arrangement
on Marunouchi street.

A café that has a history of over 45 years!
There are two stores in total - one in
Yurakucho, and one in the Imperial Hotel.

A popular item on the menu since the opening
of the store is the "Egg Sandwich" (620 yen).

The egg sandwiches are made from fresh eggs
and bread. 4 eggs are fried omelet-style and
used in one sandwich. The richness of the egg
on a thin slice of bread is just too good! You
can also find fruit sandwiches, cinnamon toasts
and seasonal hot cakes on the menu. There is
an option to choose a set of two sandwiches
as well.
Order the "Hamanoya Blend Coffee" (400 yen,
250 yen in a set) to complement your choice
of snack.

Hamanoya Parlor Yurakucho
1-12-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Shin-Yurakucho Building B1F
Open: Mon-Sat 9:00-18:00 Sun 10:00-17:00
Closed on National Holidays

On your way back, be sure to visit Hibiya Park.
After being surrounded by skyscrapers and
office buildings all day, seeing so much nature
might make you doubt you are in the center of

Top Left: There are many cafes with terrace
seating around. It might also be nice to bring
your own lunch for a picnic.
Top Right: In Hibiya Library & Museum you can
borrow an iPad and have a cup of coffee,
so it is a good spot for studying or work.
Bottom Left: Hibiya Public Hall. It is currently
not in use due to renovation works, but the
brick building still looks nice.
Bottom Right: On sunny days you can see
sunlight filtering through the trees.

There is also a fountain with a colorful
flower bed around.

You can use Hibiya Library & Museum for 2
hours for 300 yen. All seats have electric
sockets and Wi-Fi access, so do stop by for
a break.

Hibiya is a place with historical buildings and
modern architecture great for exploring. Places
introduced in this article are close to the
station, so you can visit them while waiting for
a friend or when you just have a moment to
kill some time.
How about a walk while enjoying the views..?


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