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Enjoy the nature at Todoroki Ravine Park & Oyamadai Area!

by Eva 2858

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Today let`s go to explore Todoroki~Oyamadai area.
Let`s enjoy our walk which takes approximately 40 minutes.
We recommend you to get a comfortable shoes!
It is located just only 7 minutes on foot from Tokyo Oimachi line.
Refresh yourself at the oasis of the city at Todoroki Ravine Park & Oyamadai.
During this walk you can enjoy not only amazing nature, ancient graves
but also shopping of some delicious items!

South Exit of Todoroki Station
1. Todoroki Ravine Park
2.  Setsugetsuka
3. Todoroki Fudoson
4. Dadacha
5. VENT DE LUDO Oyamadai
Oyamadai Station Exit and Entrance 1

Distance: 2,9 km
Steps: 4,564 steps
Duration: 37 minutes + Tea and Shopping time
Budget: 2,500 yen

1. Only 20 minutes away from Shibuya!
A place full of nature which does not seem like Tokyo!
Departing from Shibuya, it is approximately 5 minutes from
famous stylish neighborhood "Jiugaoka"  by Tokyu Oimachi Line.
The scenery changes completely when you reach peaceful 
Todoroki station.

Left/ Small cute station, isn`t it?
Right/  You can find mascot character "Todoroki"  in front of the station.
What a strong man!"

After leaving from south exit, turn right and you will see
Todoroki shopping street. In order to get into "Todoroki Ravine Park",
keep walking through this shopping street in the direction to south.
In fact, approximately in 30 seconds, you will get to Japanese Zelkova tree
(which is elm-like tree, often grown as an ornamental tree
and used in bonsai)
and at this spot turn to right. You got into Todoroki Ravine park entrance.
As you can see, it is really close to the station.
"Upper Left/ This Japanese magnificent Zelkova tree is selected as
one of hundred precious old tree.
When you look at the tree from close distance, it is quite impressive!
Upper Right/ The atmosphere here reminds Ghibli movies.
It is even impossible to see to the front through all the vivid greenery!
Lower Left/ "Golf bridge" at the entrance.
It is said that the origin of Golf bridge names is derived from
the fact that long time ago this used to be a golf course."
Lower Right/ A cute duck family. Swimming in the direction of river flow,
they are moving forward quite quickly."

While taking the stairs down, you can see so transparent water in the river
that its bottom is clearly visible. If you look in front of you, 
you can see lots of greenery.

The height difference between plateau and valley is approximately
about 10 meters.You cannot even hear the sound of a running car here.
The only thing that you can hear is the sound of the vivid green leaves
swaying in the wind and murmuring of Yazawa`s River.

The temperature of the air in the valley is about two degrees lower
and the place feels like a different world!
Enjoying the nature, it feels like the time has stopped here.

"Left/ Is this bridge safe, you might think? 
However if you go across the bridge you will find out that
there is no need to worry.
Right/ If you stop in the middle of the bridge you can enjoy
an amazing scenery! Please be careful not to drop your phone
or camera while taking photos."

In the middle of the trail, there is a bridge through which you can
very easily cross the river. Although you might doubt this bridge,
there is no worry as the bridge is surprisingly strong!
(On the other side of the bridge can be found toilet.)

Todoroki Fudouson
1-22-47 Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-3701-5405
Entrance Available: 24 hours
Regular Holidays: None
URL: http://manganji.or.jp/

2. Japanese style sweet shop in the middle of forest.
Enjoy some refreshment at this place.
Keep walking for about another 800 meters and you will arrive to
a small bridge called "Rikenno Hashi".
Cross the bridge and you will find  "Fudotaki" waterfall there.

"Left/A small bridge in the middle of the photo is called "Rikenno Hashi".
Right/ The water of "Fudotaki" waterfall comes out from the mouth
of dragon.

Even though it might seem that there is not enough water to call this spot
a waterfall,  in the past this waterfall was magnificent.
And some people even say that the name of this place "Todoroki"
is called according to the waterfall sound in this valley.

After all this walk, how about having a short break at the local sweet shop?
Right across there is a sweetshop called "Setsugetsuka".
"Although you may eat inside the shop, in this season
we recommend to eat on the bench outside.
Enjoy your tea with sweets while listening the sound
of the river stream and the sound of the leaves swaying
in the wind."

"Setsugetsuka" sweet shop has many delicious sweets perfect to
recharge you during your short break.
Popular deserts are such as "Anmitsu" (which is a dessert made of
small cubes of agar jelly, a white translucent jelly made from red algae or
seaweed. The agar is dissolved with water to make the jelly.
It is served in a bowl with sweet azuki bean paste or anko,
boiled peas, and a variety of fruits such as peach slices, mikan,
pieces of pineapples and cherries.) available for 500 yen, tax included or
"Tokoroten" (which is a dish made from agar substance extracted from
seaweeds such as tengusa and ogonori by boiling. Pressed against a device,
the kanten is shaped into noodles. Unlike gelatin desserts, tokoroten
has a firmer texture. Flavorings vary from region to region, and can include
variations of vinegar, soy sauce, hot pepper or sesame.)
available for 300 yen, tax included and many more sweets.

The most popular sweet at the shop is Kuzu green tea flavor mochi
(which is a sticky rice cake) available for 500 yen, tax included.
Unfortunately this sweet is served only on weekends and
on national holidays.

It seems that the elastic texture of the rice cakes is very popular.
The store also recommend offers amazing chilled sweet red-bean soup
made from azuki beans for 500 yen, tax included.
The sweet red-bean soup is just slightly sweet and the chillness of the soup
is refreshing. If you eat it together with salty strips of kombu
(which is seaweed cooked in soy sauce and then dried),  sweet and
salty flavor will mix together and it will again create
an amazing combination!

1-22-47 Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-3705-8137
Business Hours: 11:00~16:00
Regular Holidays: Apart from winter, it is opened everyday.
                          During winter season, the holidays are
                          basically each weekday.
URL: http//manganji.or.jp/oyasumi.html

3. Enjoy all four season at "Hana no Tera" temple.
From green spring when cherries are blooming to red colors
changing autumn.
After having a break at "Setsugetsuka" take a long stairs in front of you.
They are quite steep therefore please be careful when you climb them.
After climbing the stairs up, you will arrive to "Hana no Tera" temple
which is also known as ”Todoroki Fudoson" main hall temple.

Each year on April 8th there is a celebration of Gautama Buddha`s birthday.
In the precincts of the temple there are colorful flowers decorated
and they attracts visitors.

In addition "Todoroki Fudoson" is famous for its cherry blossom, therefore
temple visitors come here just to enjoy the cherry blossom scenery.
Also autumn here is quite splendid, therefore if you have a chance to visit
this place in spring or autumn, we surely recommend it!
If you come here during cherry blossom season or autumn season
come and see the scenery from this viewing platform set
in the precints of the temple.

At this season you can enjoy lots of vivid green around you!
It is surely a superb view which in Setagaya area
is kind of difficult to see!

Todoroki Fudoson
1-22-47 Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-3701-5405
Business Hours of the Temple: 8:00~16:30
Regular Holidays: None
URL: http://manganji.or.jp/
Once you feel fully recharged by this powerful nature scenery,
walk in the direction towards Oyamadai station
which is located next to Todoroki station.
"Upper Left/ Entrance is not allowed to "Mitakeyama Tomb".
If you look from outside, you cannot see much, it looks
more like a forest.
"Upper Right/  It might be a bit surprising but "Kitsunezuka Tomb"
is located in the middle of slope of residential area.
Lower Left/ The scenery from "Kitsunezuka Tomb.
Lower Right/ Pine cones displayed. Who is the person who made it?
Probably local children, don`t you think so?."

Once you walk to the station you can find ancient tombs
in the residential area! In "Todoroki" area there were discovered
many ancient swords, armors and others historical precious items.
This place is also known as  "Nogeotsuka Kofun".

On the other side you can find "Tamagawa River Nogemachi Public Park"
where are remains of huge ancient tomb called "Nogei Otsuka Tomb".
It seems that this place serves as a playground for children, therefore
you can come and visit this place with your children as well.

4. Enjoy the authentic taste of Setagaya!
Butchers shop with an authentic taste of South Germany sausages!
Walk from "Kitsunezuka Tomb" to "Kanpachi Street",
on the other side of the traffic light can be seen shopping street!
The fashionable shopping street known as "Happy Oyamadai Road"
is paved with stones.

Keep walking straight, passing delicious deli shops
and stylish café on both sides of the shopping street and
at the first corner turn to the right.
Your attention will get shop in front of you called "Dadacha".
"The signboard has an illustration of cute sausage as its landmark."

"Dadacha" is a shop selling delicious German recipe ham and sausages.
The place is constantly full of customers even on daytime
during the weekdays.
"Left/When you enter the store, more than 20 types of sausages
and ham will greet you.
Right/ You can purchase only just one sausage from any type you wish,
therefore you can enjoy buying all different sorts of ham or
sausages flavors."

"Dadacha" is managed by a married couple. The wife is in charge of
customer service at the front of the shop, while her husband makes
ham and sausages back in the kitchen.
He used to be professional photographer in the past.
During those time he had a chance to travel to South Germany
where he tasted local ham and sausages.
Inspired by its delicious taste he decided to open the store and
current "Dadacha" has been open since 1991.

There is an abundant number of products lined up, however
the most popular products are the ones on the picture below.
The selection of different minced meat is written at the plastic plates.
Leberkase for 1,300 yen, tax included (at the lower right corner
of the photo).
Pork minced meat mixed with livers and spicy can be used for making
either a sandwich or it taste great as well as a snack together with
your alcoholic beverages...this product is quite popular and in case
you get LOST in this huge selection we recommend to GET this one!
By the way, the shop was named according to Yamagata`s prefecture
"Dadacha" beans. The same word "Dadacha" means also
in Yamagata`s dialect "Daddy" or "Papa".

Therefore the hidden meaning of the shop name is that
in "Dadacha" shop you can purchase "delicious sausages and
various kinds of meat straight from your "Papa".
Just as it is contained in the shop`s name meaning,
the atmosphere of the shop will remind you "your own home".

3-10-5 Oyamadai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-5707-2755
Business Hours: 10:00~20:00
Regular Holidays: Thuesdays and Wednesdays
URL: http:www.dadacha.biz/shop.html
After leaving "Dadacha" store, return to "Happy Oyamadai Road".
The shopping area is full with lively grocery stores...Hmm?
The name of the grocery store is called " Jazz Grocery store"!
"Left/The name of the shop "Jazz Grocery Store" written
in a big Chinese letters.
Right/ Delicious white radish picles in soy sauce."

The shop owner is a professional jazz pianist!
At "Todoroki" ~ "Omiyadai" area, there are many splendid houses,
which some of them looks like celebrity houses, however you can find here
also simple farmhouses. The stores offer locally harvested and
cut vegetables or pickles made from this cut vegatables.
You can also enjoy picking up strawberries or grapes at local farms.
5. Bread made from "Buckwheat" flower!
Bread and biscuits made from original ingredients.
Leverkase that you have purchase previously will taste really great
with a glass of wine and thinly sliced baguette, don`t you think so?
Keep walking for about 2 more minutes in the direction to
Omiyadai station and you will arrive to a bakery store.

"Bright blue color gives the shop image of foreign bakery!"

Right in front of the Omiyadai station you will find a signboard
"Vent De Ludo" Omiyadai store.This is a popular French Bretagne
region bakery which uses buckwheat flour and salt for making their bread.

Popular product of "Vent De Ludo" bakery is Apple buckwheat flour
(410 yen, tax excluded). Boiled apples flavored with cinnamon are pasted into
buckwheat dough and baked together.
In "Vent De Ludo" bakery you can find  not only bread from buckwheat flour but also
other products such as buckwheat baguette (324 yen, tax included) or buckwheat flour
croissant (205 yen, tax included).
There are always more than seven types of bread using buckwheat flour.

The good match with the Leverkase purchased in previous shop "Dadacha" would be
Gorgonzola buckwheat flour baguette (432 yen, tax included).

Vent De Ludo Omiyadai
2-19-15 Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-6809-7405
Business Hours: 10:00~20:00
Regular Holidays: None
URL: https://www.pompadour.co.jp/ludo/index.html

Omiyadai station is just a stone throw distance from "Vent De Ludo" bakery.
If you cross the railroad on the other side is located "Omiyadai North Exit Shopping
Street". Also in this area you can find market area with many interesting shops.
Therefore if you have some extra time do not hesitate to come here.
And this is end of today`s walk! Surely there are more interesting places.
For example on the north side of the Tokyo Oimachi line rail track is located
"PATISSERIE ASAKA IWAYANAGI" which is famous for its every month
different flavor parfait or other shops with skillful craftsmen or shopkeepers.

Each year in October is also held "Oyamadai Festival" which is visited
by approximately 30,000 people.
This time it is going to be already 31st time. How about to come and
visit this festival in autumn♪?!

South Exit of Todoroki Station
1. Todoroki Ravine Park
2.  Setsugetsuka
3. Todoroki Fudoson
4. Dadacha
5. VENT DE LUDO Oyamadai
Oyamadai Station Exit and Entrance 1

Distance: 2,9 km
Steps: 4,564 steps
Duration: 37 minutes + Tea and Shopping time
Budget: 2,500 yen


Original Article: https://sanporge.com/toku_todoroki/
Translated and Modified by: Eva Navratilova