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Searching for "Millenia Le Pink" in Harajuku

by Eva 2476

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Did you know that in these days "Millenia Le Pink" is recently
taking over SNS timelines?
Focusing mainly on millenia generation, cafés, restaurants,
beauty and fashion items spots started using "Millenia Le Pink"
as a general term for light pink color and in became a great hit.

How about to visit Harajuku area today and find some great
photogenic spots with "Millenia Le Pink" color.

Harajuku area is often even during weekdays crowded with
young people walking around with a camera or a smartphone
in one hand and taking photos.
Let´s start our search for the latest hottest photogenic spots
of "Millenia Le Pink".

This time route:
Kitasando Station Exit 2
1. Tea Stand ...7
5. Meijijingúmae Station Elevator Entrance

Distance: 2,3 km
Steps: approximately 4,116
Time: estimated 27 minutes + tea time and shopping time
Budget: 5,000 yen

1. Before the boom of "Millenia Le Pink" started,
Tea Stand ...7 store was its pioneer!
Today´s walk will start at exit 2 of Kitasando station which is located
between Harajuku and Yoyogi area.
As soon as you get out of the station turn to the right and soon after
you will see Starbuck´s mark★on the other side to the left
is located Harajuku area.
Let´s start searching for "Millenia Le Pink" from here"!

Keep walking on Meiji street for about 2 minutes and you can
spot a pink building. The first place where we gonna stop will be here
at Tea Stand...7.

"Light pink color is used for a signboard as well as for the benches.
"Millenia Le Pink" color looks exactly like this one!"

Sweets at this store are made from homemade blended black tea leaves.
Cute cups used for soft cream have logo in "Millenia Le Pink" color
displayed on them.

"This is "Royal Milk Soft Cream" which is made from black tea leaves
(price 500 yen tax included).
Soft cream with aroma of black tea flavor gently drifting in the air,
might be a perfect sweet for adult snack time."

By the way, this shop was taking SNS photos using this color even before
"Millenia Le Pink" started to be popular. Therefore we
do not exaggerate if we say that this shop is a pioneer of
"Millenia Le Pink" boom!

Tea Stand...7
Shibuya-ku, Sendagaya 3-14-3 Ys TERACE Harajuku 1F Harajuku Hatauchi, Tokyo
Opened from Mo〜Fri:11:00〜19:00
Opened on Sat, Sun, National Holidays: 11:00〜18:00
Regular Day Off: none
URL: https://www.facebook.com/Tea-Stand-7-nana-338929063161490/

Let´s continue our search for next place with "Millenia Le Pink" color.
Take one street next to Meiji street and keep walking towards the south.
Approximately in the middle you will pass around popular curry shop called

The recommended menu is "Cheese Keema Curry" which top
is covered by mozzarella cheese and egg yolk.
The spice is quite effective therefore spicy curry lovers will surely love it.
If you have a chance do not hesitate to visit the place, it is worth it.
However it does not contain today´s walk target, therefore we will keep
moving to a next spot.

2. Would you like to experience a photo booth in the café? Why not!
Find a "Purikura" machine in café´s basement area!

If you keep walking further for about 3 more minutes, you will find
second "Millenia Le Pink" color spot called CAROLINE DINER.

"Left/A red bench and a parasol are marked with a sign

"Right/Once you enter the store, staff will accompany you down
using the spiral stair case to basement area."

The appearance and the interior image looks like from American 60´ties.
It might not seem to be that much pinky so far but.....to your surprise,
at the back of the store basement is placed "Purikura" machine (which is
a photo booth that prints out cards and stickers of the resulting photograph,
which are then traded among friends) in "Millenia Le Pink" color!!

"Purikura machine presence is unexpected.
It is exciting to find it here, isn´t it."

This shop is inspired by American style therefore they have
"Purikura" machine inside the café. The staff explains that in U.S.
"Purikura" machine can be found in many bars or cafés.
When you visit such spot with your friends, you may want to take photos
together to keep that moment as a good memory.

Compare to Japanese "Purikura", this one does not have installed
processing functions, however, it is easy to use it as it is similar to
snapshot photos.

By the way, one of the reasons why café owner promotes
"Millenia Le Pink" color seems to be his hobby in pink Cadillac.
The cute Cadillac toy placed on the top of the "Purikura" machine
use to be owner´s toy when he was a little child♪.

"The logo with the sign "Caroline" looks lovely."

If you visit this place, do not forget to order also
"Millenia Le Pink" color drink! The store has a wide selection but
how about having "Peach Float" (price 800 yen tax included)?
The drink is decorated with three yummy cherries on the top?
Even though the drink is very pinky, if you taste it,
you will realize that it is just slightly sweet and its taste
is just perfect.

Shibuya-ku, Jingúmae2-14-11 Carolinediner 1F, Tokyo
Contact: 03-6721-1960
Business Hours: 12:00〜19:00 (L.O. 18:30)
Regular Day Off: Thursdays
URL: http://caroline1.theshop.jp/
Once you leave the shop, you may want to walk a little bit around.
The narrow winding streets have lots of residential houses.
It seems almost like a labyrinth.

"Upper Left/ The streets looks similar therefore be careful not
to get lost here.
Upper Right/Apart from the main entrance, many houses have
other small back doors as well.
Lower Left/Revolutionary way how to store your bicycle,isn´t it.
Lower Right/Whose dog is it? He enjoys staring to the camera."

If you keep walking towards the third "Millenia Le Pink" place, you will
discover Estonian embassy. You would not expect it to find it
in such a residential area, would you!

“Estonian embassy has an appearance just like a residential house.
Isn`t it lovely?"

Do you use "Skype"? Currently it is spread around the world
and many people use. In fact, only few of them know that
it was developed in one of the three Baltic states Estonia.
By the way this year, Estonia also celebrated 100 year anniversary
of its foundation.

In Harajuku  you can find several other embassies, such as
"Embassy of Brazil" or "Embassy of Turkey".
Thanks to their stylish look, they seem to be a good photo spot as well.
Keep walking for approximately one minute from here.
In front of the "Jingúmae Ichome" traffic light  you can find a store
called Brown sugar 1st which became famous almost immediately
thanks to using coconut oil for its sweets.

“It does not have a very visible sign, therefore be careful not to miss it."

adies who love sweets  will fall in love with cupcakes.
For these cupcakes are also used coconut oil.
Walls of the store as well as containers for the cupcakes that they are using
are in "Millenia Le Pink" color.

3. Large photo space. Popular shop with its roots from Korea
After entering Takeshita street, keep moving together with the crowd
toward the Harajuku station and "Millenia Le Pink" outer wall will
catch your eyes! You have just arrived to STYLENANDA HARAJUKU

“Outside as well as inside interior of the shop is in "Millenia Le Pink" color?."

Cosmetic&fashion brand flagship store came originally from Korea.
In 1st and 2nd F of the store you can find cosmetic brand "3CE" and
in 3rd floor apparel.

“Upper Left/ The theme of the 1F is ticket office of amusement park.
Upper Right/ The theme of the "F is pool side. This photo space
is the most photogenic spot!
Lower Left/The theme of the 3rd floor is pizza place.
Lower Right/Stairs landing area between 2nd and 3rd floor seems like
a popular place as well."

popular product is SQUARE MINI HAND MIRROR
(price 982 yen tax included).
in #PINK RUMOUR color (showed on the right side of photo).

Shibuya-ku, Jingúmae 1-6-9 OM169 Bld.
Contact: 03-6721-1612
Business Hours: 10:00〜21:00
Regular Day Off: None
URL: http://jp.stylenanda.com/

4.  Matrix Photo Spot
Once again get out of the Meiji street and enter another street
In front of you, you can spot "Millenia Le Pink" color store.

The name of the store is SPARK BY BUBBLES and it is a beauty salon
which was established by a popular apparel Harajuku SHOP BUBBLES.

Nails and eyelashes treatments trends are popular mainly
by fashionable girls.
And apart from customers using the salon, right side of the shop
is popular for "Millenia Le Pink" photo space.
“Left/Signboard as well as shop window space is pink!
You will enjoy the appearance of the store also inside〜.

Right/Part of it is made by magnets, therefore you can also remove it,
hold it in your hand and take a photo!”

This spot is really very popular! While taking photos,
you will have already crowd queuing behind you.

Shibuya-ku, Jingúmae 4-32-7 Kanzaki Bld. 1F
Contact: 03-6721-0570
Business Hours: 11:00〜22:00 (final acceptance 20:00)
Regular Day Off: Irregular
URL: https://beauty.hotpepper.jp/smartphone/kr/slnH000368700/

That is all for today´s walk. We have chosen for you four places from
Harajuku area. Did you enjoy it and
found any "Millenia Le Pink" spot that you are
interested in? Enjoy your day off and your walk!

Kitasando Station Exit 2
1. Tea Stand ...7
5. Meijijingúmae Station Elevator Entrance

Distance: 2,3 km
Steps: approximately 4,116
Time: estimated 27 minutes + tea time and shopping time
Budget: 5,000 yen


Original Article: https://sanporge.com/harajukumillennialpink/
Translated and Modified by: Eva Navratilova