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Shirokanedai Area with Lots of Open Terrace Café and Restaurants

by Eva 4181

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How about to visit Shirokanedai at weekend?
Enjoy shopping in Marche store which is opened only on certain days and
only at certain time!

Shirokanedai has an image of "high society area". Many people think
that this area is not very friendly and open to regular people.
In fact if you visit this area, you will realize that this place is very
open and welcoming to all people. In Shirokanedai you can discover
many open terrace café and restaurants as well as  lots of nature.

After spending your morning time and chatting in a delicious café that is
open only on early morning, you can do some shopping in Marche store
"which is opened only on weekend".

If you wish to explore something new on a Saturday morning,
Shirokanedai is a great area to visit.

This time route:
Shirokanedai station, exit No. 1→
Shirokanedai Donguri Children`s Playground
Café Livrer
Villa Suzuki (Suzukiso)→
Meguro station, East exit

Distance: 2,8 km
Steps: approximately 5,042 steps
Estimated Time: 34 minutes + time for meal and shopping
Budget: 5,000 yen

1. Fluffy pancake eaten by using only your hands is a masterpiece!
You wish to eat it even if you have to wake up early!

"On a sunny day seating on a café terrace seems very comfortable."

Start your walk at Shirokanedai station at exit No. 1. Walk through
Meguro street in the direction to Meguro station for approximately five
minutes. Than turn right  and take the street in front of
Shirokanedai Donguri Children`s Playground. If you keep walking
in this direction, suddenly you will discover inside the residential area
stylish café "SHIROKANE LOUNGE".

"Interior of the shop is created from wooden furniture with refreshing white walls and
creates a relaxing space! Where would you like to sit down?"

In "SHIROKANE LOUNGE" the business hours for café are only from
6:30 A.M. to 9:30 A.M.
After that café area is used as a rental space for various shootings and
exhibitions. The area is very photogenic from every corner.

“It takes 10 to 15 minutes for your pancake to be ready therefore relax yourself and
wait patiently."

Morning set includes pancake and drink (500 yen tax included).
In order to eat the pancake, it is not necessary to use knife and fork.
You can simply eat it by using your hands. Café master says
"I would like you to eat it just like you eat morning bread for breakfast."

When you tear the dough little bit, the smell of egg will spread around
the room together with the steam.
~If you add maple syrup, you will feel like in heaven~!

Definitely you will think that it is worth to get up early!
As the texture of the pancake itself has no sweetness, you may need to
add a little bit more maple syrup.

It seems that this café is a great place to relax.  Adults as well as
children and elderly can enjoy this place.
Everybody can relax here while eating pancakes, drinking and talking.

In Japan recently the relationships within neighbors have decreased
quite a lot and it would be nice if it remains like it can be seen
in this café.

5-13-26 1F Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-6277-4377
Business Hours: 6:30~9:30 A.M.
Closed On: No regular holidays
URL: http://www.shirokanelounge.com/

2. Celebrities oriented on healthy lifestyle gather here!
Various sport equipments set up in the children`s playground.

After yummy pancake breakfast how about to return to place
which you have just passed previously Shirokanedai Donguri
Children`s Playground?

This park seems to be a unique one as it can be enjoyed even by adults.
You can use various equipments for stretching body.

Shirokanedai Donguri Children`s Playground
5-19-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-5421-7615
(Takanawa Regional City Office Collaboration Project Section)
Opening Hours: 24 hours per day
Closed On: No regular holidays
URL: http://www.city.minato.tokyo.jp/shisetsu/jidoyuen/takanawa/20.html

3. In Shirokanedai Nara prefecture´s new products shop?
Do not miss a chance to do shopping in Marche!
This chance comes only twice a month!

After some exercise in the playground, walk in the direction to previous
place "SHIROKANE LOUNGE" and continue walking approximately for
one more minute further from café.
In the first floor of Tokinomori you can discover shop&café called LIVRER.

This is shop with new products from Nara prefecture including grocery
goods or handcrafted folk arts.

Main purpose of today`s walk is to visit Marche shop which is opened only on
second and fourth Saturday of each month from 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Yes, this is definitely a fun spot which can be visited only on certain days!

15 minutes prior store opening, Tokimono Marche`s fans are already
gathered in front of the store.
Marche offers limited items that are currently popular in Nara prefecture.
CHECK the latest information on Instagram and arrive on Saturday
a little bit early!

“Upper left/At the front of the store fresh vegetable from Nara prefecture lines up at shelves.
Customers check it already before the store is opened!"
"Upper right/Baked bread and baked sweets arrived from Nara´s popular bakery
Mia´s Bread"
Lower left/Vinegar and drinks made only from Nara Yoshino´s persimmon are popular by
healthy oriented Shirokane´s ladies."
"Lower right/ Today´s trophies! Nara´s pickles and bread, fresh vegetables and
other items!

Being able to purchase fresh ingredients and specialties from Nara
prefecture in Marche is a great opportunity! You can enjoy eating
purchased special items once you return to your home.

Many items such as cheese cake and other items from baked goods store,
are sometimes sold out just by people who made reservations.
Therefore to be sure that you can purchase your favorite things,
next time before coming to the store make a reservation by using web site!!

"The cheesecake placed on Yoshino´s cedar plate seems like an artwork."

After you are done with your shopping, visit eat-in space where you can
enjoy eating cheese cake from cheese cake specialty shop from
Nara prefecture called Ten Ton.

How about "Kotoka" cheese cake which is named according to
strawberries grown only in March in Nara prefecture.
You can eat it together with un table hot ginger (price 723 yen
tax included).

Smooth and creamy cheesecake is just slightly sweet and makes
a perfect match with hot ginger drink.
"As you will see in Nara city there are many special ingredients
and products. This great selection has its historic roots and
is protected by everyone.
Nara prefecture is really popular by many people~

In the second floor you will find a restaurant called Ciel et Sol.
Staff prepares here French cuisine mainly from Nara prefecture
ingredients including traditional vegetable dating Yamato period.
Visit this restaurant on next occasion when you do
your next shopping in Marche.

Tokinomori LIVRER
5-17-10 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 11:00 A.M. ~ 6:00 P.M.
Closed on: Mondays
Official HP
ULR: http://www.city.minato.tokyo.jp/shisetsu/jidoyuen/takanawa/20.html

Official Instagram
ULR: http://www.instagram.com/official_tokinomori/

When you leave the Gaien Nishi street (known as Platinum Street) and
walk in the direction to Ebisu area, you will discover nice café with
open terrace seating area!
There are not only Japanese but also many foreigners relaxing outside.
This is a stylish look of Shirokanedai!
Apart from this shop, there are also many more other shops
on platina street where you can enjoy eating your meal in
the terrace seats.

4. "Suzuki`s Villa". Just from it`s name it is difficult to image
the character of the place, isn´t it?

Once you walk on the sidewalk of Platinum street, you will find a signboard.

"Suzuki`s Villa". Is it somebody`s home or hotel? How about to just
go and see the place?
Turn at the corner where is the life style shop "BIO TOPE" and climb up
to the middle of the hill. You will discover here Suzuki`s Villa".

“Upper left/From the look of the exterior, you can say that this place is surely someone´s home."
"Upper right/Inside you can see a fireplace. Does someone use it for cooking once in a while?
"Lower left/LIzard which becomes object had probably appeared here quite often before
the reconstruction.
"Lower right/It seems that also stained glass is remnant before rebuilding."

"Suzuki´s Villa" was opened eighteen years ago and it carries name of
former building.
Designer and owner Mrs. Watanabe`s brand name is "Chikara" however
customers still call this place "Suzuki`s Villa".
Therefore even after the reconstruction the place kept the same name.
When you slowly view its historical interior, you can see the love that
Mrs. Watanabe has for this villa.

"Parts marked with heart were added by Mr. Watanabe just as a bicycle jewellery."
This is also Mrs. Watanabe´s hobby. Aren´t these shining butterflies cute?

Suzukiso (Suzuki Villa)
6-14-29 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-3449-2229
Business Hours: 12:00~19:30 (L.O. 22:30)
Closed on: Mondays Thursdays
URL: http://www.suzukiso.com

After walking around you might be hungry, therefore walk through
Meguro street in the direction of Meguro station.
When you walk around Institute for Nature Study, National Museum
of Nature and Science, right in the middle your eye will catch
sakura trees!

"When the sakura trees are in a full bloom, people passing by stop here for viewing it.
They are taking photos and they seem to be pleased that the spring has finally arrived."

5. Seats at the terrace facing Meguro street are only for the quickest!
Lunch at Italian restaurant which is still just little known.

If you keep walking through Meguro street, you will find Italian restaurant
"PIZZERIA&BAR PAGLIACCIO" with open terrace seats.
The terrace space is usually occupied by many Japanese people
as well as foreigners.

"Upper left/ Three terrace seats. They are very popular therefore the winner is the one who
comes first."
"Upper right
lower left/ In the second floor you will find also spacious table seats.
These seats are suitable even for bringing children and making a party."

"Lower right/ In the middle of the stairs you will find an area which was created with
lots of playfulness and imagination."

For those who like lasagne, order Roman style lasagne
prepared from chicken with paprika (1,000 yen tax included).

"The price of 1,000 yen includes baquette, salad and drink as well! Even if Shirokanedai has
an image of high society, the prices seem quite reasonable."

Lasagne decorated with vegetable in simmered tomato is just a perfect dish
after the morning walk. This dish is popular by everybody, from children
to adults. On a sunny day do not hesitate to get a seat on terrace.

2-13-28 1F/2F Kamisakazaki、Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-6277-0300
Business Hours: 11:00〜23:00 (L.O.)
Closed on: No Regular Holidays
URL: https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1316/A131601/13213024/


Today`s walk ends here. Shirokanedai with its image of high society area
has unexpectedly open atmosphere.
Even shop staff are very friendly and talkative. From now on the season
is inviting to sit on the terrace.
On Platina street hopping from one terrace to another sounds
like fun as well, doesn´t it.

For those who have not visited Shirokanedai yet, how about to visit
this area at least once?
The good opportunity comes with visiting morning Marche store!


Shirokanedai station, exit No.1→
Shirokanedai Donguri Children`s Playground
Café Livrer
Meguro station East Exit

Distance: 2,8 km
Steps: approximately 5,042 steps
Estimated Time: 34 minutes + time for meal and shopping
Budget: 5,000 yen


Original Article:
URL: https://sanporge.com/shirokane_gentei/
Translated and Modified by: Eva Navratilova