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Traditional and Modern Sides of Ginza

by Veronika 2213

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There are so many amazing places in Ginza -
from the omelet store popular on social media,
a tourist must-see shop designed like a
Japanese garden, to small alleys reminiscent
of Showa period (1926-1989) hidden between
tall buildings. Take a nice stroll around the
Ginza area, where "old" meets "new" and
take some unique pictures. Take your camera
and get going!

Recommended Route

Ginza Station → 1. KIRIKO TERRACE →
2. WJS Ginza → 3. Cafe YOU →
Nagomiya Ginza → East Ginza Station
Distance: 1.3 km
Steps: 2,726
Time: 16 min + meals, massage
Budget: 10,000 yen

1.One of the best views on big city life.

There are 32 exits from Ginza station - enough
to confuse even the locals. For this route, take
the exit C2, the "Tokyu Plaza Ginza" exit. Even
though "Tokyu Plaza Ginza" is a relatively new
addition to the city skyline, being built in 2016,
it has already become an important landmark.
It is not very widely known, but you can see a
great view of the Sukiyabashi crossing from
the "KIRIKO TERRACE" cafe located on the roof
of the plaza, around 56 meters above ground!

If you stand at the corner to the right side of
the escalator, you will see the crossing right
from above.

There are two different free spaces themed
after water and nature - "Water Side" and
"Green Side".
There are tables and chairs in each space, so
you can bring your lunch and have a short
break (you cannot bring alcohol). If you want
a view of the crossing, choose the "Green Side".

Tokyu Plaza Ginza Roof
5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open 11:00~23:00

2. Is this really Ginza?! A Japanese garden

After leaving "Tokyu Plaza Ginza" walk along
Harumi Street for 3 minutes. When you reach
"Armani Tower" turn to the street next to it
and you will see the "New Ginza Building no
6". The entrance to the building might be a
bit easy to miss, but if you find it and go up
to the 7th floor...

Right before your eyes you can see a very
traditional atmosphere that screams
"THE Japan!".
The mix of instrumental songs of the BGM and
the sounds of shishi-odoshi (a traditional
fountain-like contraption to scare away animals)
falling create a nice peaceful harmony.
WJS Ginza is a place where foreigners can
experience Japanese culture like the tea
ceremony or karate. It is a nice place for both
Japanese and foreigners to bond over their
love for traditional culture.
You can also rent out a yukata for a day and
walk around taking pictures. Maybe even go
to a summer festival to see some fireworks?
There is going to be a big festival in Ginza in
May, so do come for a visit if you have the
From spring WJS Ginza starts operating as a
cafe, so you will be able to enjoy a nice quiet
brake from shopping and walking around.

WJS Ginza
New Ginza Building no 6, 7th Floor
5-5-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open on Weekdays 10:00~18:00
Closed on Weekends,
open in case of a reservation

Pass Ginza Six shopping complex and travel
along Miyuki Street towards Showa Street.
Turn left at the crossing and head to East
Ginza area. Along the way you will find the
main office of Hakutsuru Brewery!

In this "Hakutsuru Ginza Style" you can attend
a seminar on Japanese sake or Kabuki theater,
or go up to the roof and see real rice growing!
You can read more about this place in the
following article in Japanese:

3. Have an omelet at a restaurant frequented
by Kabuki actors

Cross the Harumi Street and as you see the
Kabukiza Theater in front of you, turn to the
narrow alley to its' right. After a few steps
you will see the store known not only from
pictures, but also from videos online - the
"Cafe YOU".

"Cafe YOU", opened 50 years ago, is a famous
cafe often visited by Kabuki actors.

The omelet rice and drink set advertised on
the billboard outside the shop is the most
popular item on the menu, as most of the
customers can be seen ordering exactly that.
As you order this item, the food comes quick -
around 5 minutes later. 

Take the pictures of your meal as soon as it
arrives, because ketchup soon melts and loses
its' shape.

Even without eating this meal, you can feel
the fluffiness of the egg. As you move your
plate, it jiggles delightfully. You may want to
film this movement, as the delicious sight
cannot be properly explained through pictures.
By the way, there is a special way to eat this
omelet with rice. First, you spread out the
ketchup and make a hole with your spoon in
the middle of the omelet. As you spread out
the egg little by little, you will find the
deliciously dripping part of the egg, which you
can cover the rice with!

Don't forget to also take the video of the
egg spilling out.

The creamy sweet taste of the omelet is
complimented well by the hard ketchup rice.
Do try the pickled vegetables that are on the
table, for their strong taste can be used as a
palate cleanser.
The size of this omelet with rice is perfect,
however for additional 100 yen you can order
a bigger portion, which is great for gluttons!
Cafe YOU
Takano Building 1 F
4-13-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open 11:00~20:00
Closed on New Years holidays

An old store best known for its' red bean paste.

As you leave "Cafe YOU" and enter the Showa
Street, you might find a very old traditional
Japanese sweets shop. You can buy delicious
souvenirs or snacks for your explorations.
As you continue venturing forward, you may
find many other old looking shops - like a
rice store of flower store - you may feel like
you have traveled back in time!

A cat in front of the old Japanese sweets
store "Yoshiya". Perhaps it wandered to the
store tracking the sweet scent of dorayaki
bean-jam pancakes..?

The Japanese sweets shop "Yoshiya" is known
for its' dorayaki bean-jam pancakes that are
popular with famous people. You can make
your own special stamp and burn it into the
pancake. The look of the store is very
traditional and fits the atmosphere of Ginza
very well.

4. Reward your tired feet with a nice
foot massage

If your feet feel tired after sightseeing all day,
head over to "Nagomiya Ginza" massage parlor
which is located only 2 minutes away from

The atmosphere is relaxing modern Japanese.
You can even charge your phone while relaxing!
You will get Japanese sweets and green tea
after your massage.

We recommend "Body Massage with oil
(8,640 yen) from the menu. It is a bit hard, so
you will definitely feel the result!
If you register on the EPARK page for
"Nagomiya Ginza" you will get a 3,000 yen
discount coupon, so definitely do that before

You can get the coupon by clicking the link
above and registering (in Japanese).

Getting a refreshing massage with a discount is
not only good for body, but for the heart as

Nagomiya Ginza
Togin I Building 6F
3-10-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open 11:00~22:00
3,000 yen off campaign
Nagomiya Ginza page

Did you enjoy the route this time? In fact, there
are many more places to see in the area! In
East Ginza there are sakura trees planted along
the road, so it might be a good hanami spot
once the trees start blooming.


Original article in Japanese: