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Best Photogenic Spot of Sky Tree and Delicious Items in Kameido Area!

by Eva 1796

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Enjoy downtown with many interesting shops in
Kameido〜Kinshicho area♪.

This time walk will start at Kameido station. Kinshicho station is
located approximately 16 minutes on foot from here and Sky Tree
can be found there. People still recalls that in pre-war period Kameido
area used to be a vibrant commerce and industry area with
subcontracting factories and major companies were lining up here.

How about taking a short break at the park bench placed in the
residential area and after that let`s depart and enjoy walking
at downtown area, where you can find many retro coffee shops or
historical shop specialized on miso paste ( a traditional Japanese
food made from fermented beans). You will also discover a secret spot
to take a commemorative photo with Sky Tree!★

This time route
Kameido station
Marshmallow confectionary store?
Sano miso shop
Coffe Shop Knit
Tower View Street
Kinshicho station

Distance:2,9 km
Steps: approximately 5,905
Extimated Time: 37 minutes + time for shopping, meal and sweets
Budget: 4,000 yen

1. Classic local product! Big fluffy marshmallow
Start your walk at Kameido station! Exit the ticket gate first, cross
the pedestrian overpass and walk to the other side of Keiyo road.
Once you enter the middle street from the main street,
,,Kameido South Park" can be seen. On the opposite side there is
,, Marshmallow confectionary store". Landmark of this store is a cat
taking a nap on the? bench in front of the entrance♪.

Gently sweet marshmallow aroma will draw you to the store. No colorings
or preservatives are used while manufacturing the marshmallows.
Furthermore even people with egg allergy can enjoy eating them as
no egg whites are added to them.?

There are slightly larger than usual...someone might say they looks
rather like smaller rice balls". They are huge size marshmallows! They
are a perfect size to put them to your mag. Depends on the type,
their expiration date is about four to seven days.

Store staff recommends to eat your marshmallow with milk caramel
coffee taste, hot milk or apple ginger flavor black tea. You will realize
that there are much more fun combinations that just standard cocoa!

Marshmallow Confectionary Store
6-22-8 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5836-3232
Business Hours: 11:00~18:00
Days Off: Tuesday
URL: https://twitter.com/mashumarotei

2. Sano miso store is popular by both past as well as current
residents of Kameido!

When you leave ,,Marshmallow store",? walk about 2 minutes and you will
arrive to Meiji street.While waiting for the green light, ,,Sano miso store"
can be seen on the other site. The store was established 84 years ago and
is specialized only on miso. This store is a popular representative of
Kameido area and is often featured on TV and other media.?

Left photo: All miso barrels are lined up and create masterpiece. Inside the shop the aroma
??????????????? of soybeans is drifting.
Right photo: It is fun to watch the specific of miso and all kind of different ingredients added to it.

Mr. Sano who is the third generation president of the store explains that
,,each miso has its uniqueness as humans. The climate, natural features
of the region as well as period of fermatation influences its taste. Once
you learn more about the ingredients and their compactibility you can
enjoy the flavor and originality of miso even more."

Photo: This eat in space area where you can taste different kind of miso was proposed and
          made by ,,Sano Miso" . (Smart, isn`t it?)

Choose your favorite miso amongst all different types displayed in
showcase and the staff
will prepare for you delicious miso soup.
For the price 400 yen including tax you can get original miso flavor soup
with no additional ingredients but our recommendation is to choose miso
with lots of added seasonal ingredients (650 yen including tax). Popular
rich flavor miso soup is called ,,zokkon" (storehouse ghost) and
No. 1 is medium sweet flavor miso soup called ,,kogane".

The store uses all different kinds of seasonal vegetables which are not
used on daily basis, such as ,,romanesco brocolli", ,,bell peppers" and other
rare types of vegetable. Mr. Sano claims that there are no ingredients which
would not match with miso! Adding ingredients to it gives the miso
more flavor and texture, therefore meal becomes even more delicious
and enjoyable.

Sano Miso Kameido Store
1-35-8 Sano Bld. 1F, Kameido, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3685-6111
Business Hours: Mon~Fri 9:00~19:00
National Holidays 10:00~19:00
Days Off: No holidays (apart from New Year`s Holiday)
Tasting (Eat In) 11:00~18:00 (LO 17:30)
URL: https://sanomiso.com/

3. Do you like to visit coffee shops? If so, how about visit ,,Cafe Knit"
and order amazing hot cake and cream soda?
If you consider to get some sweet snack now, walk towards the apartment
complex in the direction to Kinshicho. In the park you will see couple of
colorful animals play equipments. At the background of photo you can
see a housing complex. Formerly factories had been built in this area. 

Photo 1&2: Nostalgic contrast of apartment complex and animals playground equipments.
The photograph seems to be taken long time ago by a film camera.
Photo 3: How many people hand prints can you see? There are so many of them!
Photo 4: It`s so much fun
Enjoy a healing view on cheerful children with their parents

Cross the Tabisho Bridge and walk approximately 5 minutes further.
In front of Keiyou street you will reach ,,Cafe Knit" which has a retro
atmosphere! This place has many great snacks! Just enter♪

Photo: A calm space unified by wine red color

The most popular products of this place are ,,hot cake" (750 yen including tax
and ,, cream soda" (600 yen including tax). Hot cake is carefully baked
over low heat fire therefore it takes around 20 minutes to prepare it. We
recommend to make order first!

Photo: Chief of the store makes the shape from dough and bakes it politely.

The hot cake is slightly sticked with a toothpick in order to prevent butter
sliding down. Cafe Knit`s hot cake looks cute, isn`t it?

Cut the hot cake quickly! Butter melts and spreads quickly on the crispy
surface and drip on a soft dough texture. On a regular hot cake you would
put honey or maple sirup but for Cafe Knit`s hot cake they use so called
,,honey molasses". When making honey molasses, you will get a transparent
nectar which? you can pour on your pancake!

The sweetness of the pancake with nectar will spread all over your mouth
and it taste amazing! The cream soda that we recommend to order with it
might reminds you your childhood and may bring a little bit nostalgic

This place produced sweaters 50 years ago that is why they call it ,,Cafe Knit".
You can see all staff wearing ,,knit" uniform. Interior design and knit uniforms
have the same red wine color. You can take a memorial photo of the staff
as they look in their uniform great!

Cafe Knit

4-26-12 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-3631-3884

Business Hours: Mon
~Sat 8:00~20:00
National Holidays: 8:00
Days Off: Designated Sundays, Holidays

URL: https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1312/A131201/13076100/

4. If you wish to take a photo of Sky Tree, take it from a less crowded spot!

Kinshicho station is located very close to ,,Cafe Knit". As soon as you leave it
on the other side of the Kinshicho station you can find a commercial facility
,,Ark Kit" and continue to ,,Tower View Avenue"

In front of you will be a great shooting spot of Tokyo`s landmark, Tokyo Sky Tree
There is nothing to block the view of it and there are not so many
of pedestrians
neither. Instead of taking photo of Sky Tree from a near distance, it is better
to take photo with other buildings which gives it to it downtown feeling. Even for
those do say that they do not like to take photos in the night, we recommend
to visit this spot in magic hour when the day is ending and you can watch the
sunset. The sky is mixed with beautiful blue and pink sky which you can be seen
on the photos

There are so many more great stores in this
Kameido〜Kinshicho area worth visiting!
This area is on the way back from Tokyo Sky Tree visit therefore you can drop by
and we surely recommend it. Bars with remnants of Showa period, coffee shops
where you can drink coffee from Edo Kiriko`s cups and many more.
How about to visit this area again on one of our next walk!


Kameido station
Marshmallow confectionary store?

Sano miso shop
Coffe Shop Knit
Tower View Street
Kinshicho station

Distance: 2,9 km
Steps: approximately 5,905
Extimated Time: 37 minutes + time for shopping, meal and sweets
Budget: 4,000 yen

Original Article: https://sanporge.com/kameido-kinshicho/
Translated and Modified by: Eva Navratilova