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Suidobashi Area

by Eva 2228

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Discover sweet illumination with the Ochanomizu aqueduct which brings 
the feeling of coming spring. A lovely sweets in sparkling Suidobashi area 
looks like from a dream Let`s have a walk here, it will refine our five senses  
and you can enjoy a variety of Japanese traditional as well as world`s latest art. 

Recommended Route:
Ochanomizu StationOrigami HallTokyo Art and Space District
Konporagu Tokyo Branch Shrine→Suidobashi Inari Deity
Tokyo Dome City→Suidobashi Noodle Group→Suidobashi Station

Distance: 2,7 km

Estimated required time: 32 minutes + meal time & time for visiting shrine

1. Soften your heart and settle your mind with absolutely careful 

and skillful paper technology in Japan.


When you walk from Ochanomizu go straight until you pass the Kanda river, 

then you turn left, pass the Kanda river and you will discover a bright 

glass-sided building. In shop windows you can see a lots of delicate items. 

And when you ask yourself what place is here? You can see on the signboard 

"Origami kaikan"!

There are many origami which are admired not only in Japan but all

around the world. Three dimensional items created from various origami 

are exhibited as well. You can see even dolls wearing a kimono. In this place

you can purchase not only origami and Japanese paper, but there are held 

various events and exhibitions. It is amazing that you can create with 

one piece of paper such a wonderful thing!

Origami Hall

1-7-14, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours: 9:30~17:30

(Gallery 10:00~17:30)

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

2. Check out new technology which is spread from Tokyo

You will be attracted by flag which is colorful like a rainbow. It becomes 

also artwork where you can stop by. Inside of the gallery, you can view 

various art pieces gathered from Japan as well as abroad. There are images 

and three dimensional art works and between them there are lots of powerful 


Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo 

2-4-16, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours: 11:00~19:00

3. Let`s ask Konpira shrine branch for good money fortune

Firstly know as a shrine for good  money fortune and secondly 

it is supposed to have benefit for increasing your success and chances 

to tie a marriage knot. Season to check this place is right now and 

in the evening you can see lots of people to come here!

Konpira Tokyo Shrine Branch

1-5-11, Bunkyo-ku, Hongo, Tokyo

4. Let`s do not forget to visit one more power spot!

Within the precints of Konpira Tokyo Shrine branch, 

Suidobashi Inari Daimyoujin is also worshiped.  Don`t forget to come here 

and pray for turning your furtune for better. It is decorated by small chickens. 

Appearance is very cute and differs by land.

Suidobashi Inari Daimyoujin

1-5-11, Bunkyo-ku, Hongo, Tokyo

5. Enchanted by popular and cute candy illumination

The topic of illumination that is held in Tokyo Dome City`s wide premises 

this time  is "prosperous sweets".  Colorful illumination is lined up in a row 

here and there.

Cute illumination, such as tunnel which looks like macaroon and houses 

from sweets which you can actually enter inside, are as from dreaming 

world of a young child!  


 Prosperous Sweets Sparkling Sweet Gift

1-3-61, Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

~February 18 (Sunday)

Time of Light Up: 16:00~24:00 

6. Let`s warm up the cold body with springy texture udon 

After visiting shrines and praying there and after watching the illumination...

your body will feel completely cold, you find letters on the signboard for 

Sanuki Udon Ambassador"! Visiting Konpirasan the guardian deity of 

seafaring in main shrine office in Kagawa, I recommend today`s 

dinner here! 

You can choose your favourite flavor of noodles which have springy 

and elastic texture! You will get plenty of Vegetable and boiled pork 

on the top of your udon (salty pork for 550 yen) and you can add 

eggs tempura for extra (100 yen) as a topping. 

Suidobashi Noodles Group Company

(Suidobashi Men Tsudan)

1-13-2, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours: 10:00~23:30 (L.O. 23:00)

Irregular Holidays


Ochanomizu StationOrigami HallTokyo Art and Space District

Konporagu Tokyo Branch Shrine→Suidobashi Inari Deity→Tokyo Dome City

Suidobashi Noodle Group→Suidobashi Station


Original Article: https://sanporge.com/20180112-2/
Translated by: Eva Navratilova