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The Route to Suitengu Shrine

by Veronika 1017

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Suitengu Shrine in Nihonbashi area is one of

the places dedicated to the Seven Gods of

Good Fortune. This shrine is frequented by

couples, expecting mothers, and families

with small children, as the deity of the shrine

is said to bring good luck during childbirth

and for children. On your way to the shrine,

visit some of the beautiful and interesting

places on your way.


Recommended Route

Toei Shinjuku Line Hamacho Station →

Hamacho Park

Ohiro Shrine →

Hama house →


Tokyo Metro Suitengu-mae Station

Distance: 1.5 km

Time: 20 min


1. Take a relaxing walk in a park and

feel the seasonal changes

Hamacho Park can be enjoyed by kids

and adults, as it is equipped with such

facilities as sports equipment or a nice

terrace overlooking the Sumida River.

In autumn you can find many trees with

beautiful colorful leaves, just looking at

them makes one happy. Bring your lunch

with you for a nice picnic outside.

You can find the sculpture pictured above

right at the entrance to the park. The

pose and the expression will put you

in a good mood!


Hamacho Park

2-59-1 Nihonbashihamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


As you leave the park and move towards

the Suitengu Shrine, you can find a lot of

old homes along the way. Contrasting

greatly with the image of high-rise

buildings in the area, these houses create

an atmosphere of old Tokyo.

You can also find cozy cafes on your way,

so do come in if one catches your eye.


2. A Shrine squeezed in between buildings

Ohiro Shrine is hidden between the buildings,

you might even miss it! At the both sides

of the shrine there are statues of Kitsune

fox deities. They both have different

expressions and poses, so pay attention to

these differences.


Ohiro Shrine

3-30 Nihonbashihamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


3. Have a cup of coffee at a modern cafe

Hamacho area has seen a rise in new stores

and buildings appearing in recent years.

One of them is the Hama House opened in

September 2017, which is popular with both

the locals and tourists from all over Japan

and abroad. There are many people enjoying

their lunch and coffee and looking at the

books lined up all over the store. The shop is

also used as an office space for creators, a

place for business meetings, and even as

an event venue.

You can also order the coffee for take-out.

After walking around in the cold, it is a

great way to warm up your body and soul.


Hama house

3-10-6 Nihonbashihamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo




4. Visit a shrine to pray for a safe childbirth

or the protection of children

Suitengu Shrine, which was renovated in

April 2016 is an important symbol of the

town. Even during the day on weekdays

there are many people visiting, from small

children to adults.

Since the shrine is protecting children and

ensuring safe childbirth, you can see many

small kids running around. Looking at the

cute little ones making friends with each

other creates a cozy atmosphere.

You can find a sculpture of a dog mother

and her puppy on the premises. Their

heads are golden and shiny from being

touched so much. Around the statue there

are symbols of Chinese zodiac placed in a

circle. If you touch your sign, it is said

that it will bring you good luck during

childbirth and raising the child.

After visiting the main Shrine, don’t forget

to stop by the shrine for Benzaiten, the

patron goddess of literature and music,

wealth, and femininity.

Find the mother Kappa (water-dwelling

mythical creature) with children stuck to

her leg, back and chest. She will protect

you during childbirth.


Suitengu Shrine

2-4-1 Nihonbashikakigaracho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


As you leave the shrine, you can see the

trees with red and yellow leaves along

the streets. Enjoy the autumn colors on

your way to the station.




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