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Musashi Koyama Shopping District - History Meets Modernity

by Veronika 1701

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Located in the Shinagawa ward, Musashi Koyama

district is most well-known for its’ authentic

shopping street “Palm”, which is 800 meters long

and hosts around 250 shops, making it the longest

shopping street in Tokyo. It is also completely covered,

so visitors can enjoy their shopping in any weather!

You can also find the Ryusen-ji temple and the

Rinshi no Mori park in the area, making it a good place

for a day out.


Recommended route:

Fudo-mae Station →

Ryusenji Meguro Fodoson Temple →

Rinshi no Mori Park →

Palm →

Shimizuyu Hot Spring Bath House →

Musashi Koyama Station


Distance: 3, 4 km

Time: 42 min shopping, meals, relaxing


1. Pray at the Meguro Fudo temple

Known as one of the three main temples

dedicated to the Wisdom King Acala.

According to a local legend, the Buddhist

priest Ennin (also known as Jikaku Daishi)

carved out the image of Fudo he had seen

in a dream and later built the temple itself,

with the wooden figure becoming its’ main


Ennin hit the ground with his Buddhist

weapon Tokko and produced a spring named

Tokko no Taki. The water from this waterfall

is said to purify the soul.

Once every 12 years people can visit the

main figure of the Wisdom King, when the

doors to the chamber are opened. The next

time the doors will open is 2029.

Even though the access to the Wisdom King

will be closed off for some time, you can still

enjoy festivities in this temple. Every month

on 28th is the Ennichi (a day that is considered

to have special relation to the deity) of the

Meguro Fudo. On this day you can enjoy

different food stalls and traditional Japanese



Ryusenji Meguro Fudoson


3-20-26 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


2. Have a relaxing time at the Rinshi no Mori Park

If you feel like you want to see some

nature, visit the Rinshi no Mori park,

which is long and narrow being 700 m

length and 250 m wide. You can find a

water wheel and lots of greenery in the

park, making you feel like you are far

away from the city.


Rinshi no Mori Park

2 Koyamadai, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


3. Go shopping at the Musashi Koyama

Palm shopping district, also known as the

no.1 arcade in Japan!

800 m in length, the Musashi Koyama

Palm holds around 250 different stores,

including fast food restaurants and small

goods shops.

You can also find a pet shop with an

powerful sign and a pig innards skewer

shop with unending lines.

As you come closer to the exit of the

arcade shopping district, you can find

the “Toriyu” yakitori chicken skewer

restaurant established in 1926. In this

store, you can choose the bird skewers

of your liking, dip them in the sauce

and enjoy! After you have had enough,

just bring the leftover skewer sticks to

the register and pay for the amount

you have had. Definitely a good place

to regain strength while sightseeing!




3-5-11 Ebara, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


Open seven days a week


4. Visit a budget public bath house

with natural hot spring!

After walking around all day, visit

Shimizuyu Hot Spring Bath House, which

is known for having two types of natural

hot spring, despite being a budget public

bath house. For only 460 Yen you can

use the facilities, including the open air

bath! After taking a bath you can rest at

the lounge located on the 2nd floor.


Musashi Koyama Onsen Shimizuyu


3-9-1 Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Weekdays 12:00 ~ 24:00

Weekends 8:00 ~ 24:00

Holidays 12:00 ~ 24:00

Closed on Mondays

Open if Monday is a holiday



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