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Cat Lover's Paradise

by Veronika 641

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Yanaka area is located near Ueno and has plenty of

interesting sightseeing spots. However, not many

people know that this area also has places of

interest for cat lovers! Visit the area and indulge

yourself in your obsession~


Recommended Route

Tokyo Metro Sendagi Station →

1. Gallery Nekomachi →

2. Cafe Ranpo  

3. Yanaka Ginza & Yanaka Shippoya →

4. Yuyake Dandan →

JR Nippori Station


Distance: 1.6 km

Time: 19 min + snacks & shopping


1. A gallery where cats greet you outside!

Go into the quiet backstreets of Yanaka and meet

the white cat sitting on the stairs (the one in the

picture above)! Go up the stairs to see what else

you can discover.

As you go up the stairs, you will notice there are

cats along the rails! All of them take different poses,

so be sure to take lots of pictures~

As you get closer to the gallery you will see

“Gallery Nekomachi” written in Japanese

(ギャラリー猫町). It is a place where different

cat-themed works of artists are displayed. You can

find ceramics, paintings, sculptures, photographs -

all the different types of art genres. Surround

yourself with images of cats in this house

re-purposed as a unique exhibition hall!

(You are not allowed to take pictures

inside the gallery)


Gallery Nekomachi

2-6-24, YanakaTaito, Tokyo


Opening hours: Thursday ~ Sunday 11:00 ~ 18:00

Closed on: Mon ~ Wed

(When visiting during Public Holidays,

contact the gallery)



2. Take a rest at a cat-themed cafe

After looking around the gallery you might want to

take a short break. Why not do it at a nice

cat-themed cafe? It has pictures of cats on the door,

so you cannot miss it!

As you enter, you will be greeted with a smile by the

employees. This coffee shop has an owner, who is

also a cat lover. Take your time relaxing in this cafe,

where you can be at ease and watch the time go by.

This place is the best for spending time alone with a

good book in your hand. The interior is decorated

with cat-themed items, making it a nice cozy place.


Cafe Ranpo

2-9-14 Yanaka, Taito, Tokyo


Tue ~ Sun 10:00 ~ 20:00

Closed on: Mondays

(If Monday is a Public Holiday, the shop will be

closed the next day)


3. Eat a “cat’s tail” in Yanaka Ginza

After taking a nice break at a relaxed cafe, go to a

lively place next! The place is the Yanaka Ginza retro

shopping district. In this small street with the total

length of around 170 meters, you can find plenty of

shops selling side dishes, sweets, and

miscellaneous goods, all packed into this small

patch of land.

As you walk along the shopping street, you will be

greeted by the sound of crunchy potato and meat

croquettes (korokke) and a sweet smell of sauce

from fried squids. These sounds and smells will

make you happy and hungry at the same time.

Find a sign that has pictures of cats and doughnuts

in the shape of cat’s tails.

Yanaka Shippoya is a store specializing in making

doughnuts that are shaped like cat’s tails. Not only

adorable, these sweets are made from carefully

selected Japanese products. Have fun looking for a

handmade “tail” that is the best for you!

In the picture above is the most popular “tiger”

doughnut. A black cocoa base filled with white

chocolate chips makes this “tail” delicious with

slight bitterness and sweetness.


Yanaka Shippoya

3-11-12 Yanaka, Taito, Tokyo


Mon ~ Fri 10:00 ~ 18:00

Sat, Sun & Holidays 10:00 ~ 19:00



Look at the sunset from the Yuyake Dandan

In Yanaka Ginza, “Seven Cats of Good Fortune” are

in place of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune. In front

of the stores or on the roofs, the seven cats are all

scattered around the place. If you find them all, they

will bring you good luck ~

Cats of art, cats in a cafe, delicious cats... It is

without a doubt a great day off being surrounded

by cat images! After leaving Yanaka Ginza finish

your day at the Yuyake Dandan staircase.

The name of the place in Japanese suggests that it

is a great spot to enjoy the beautiful colors of the

sunset, and it surely is! If you go there when the sun

starts to set, you can see a nice gradation of blue

and orange colors. Recharge yourself by spending

the day surrounded by adorable cats and enjoying a

beautiful sunset.


Yuyake Dandan

3-13 Nippori, Arakawa, Tokyo



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