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Autumn Kawaguchiko with a Breathtaking view on Mt. Fuji

by WJSstaff 3670

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Kawaguchiko Lake with its breathtaking view on Mt. Fuji
is one of the famous Fuji Five Lakes.
In comparison to other lakes it is most easily accessible
from Tokyo. It is a popular tourist destination especially
in late April when the sakura are in bloom and during late
October to middle November for the colorful autumn leaves.

Last weekend I spent a day in this area enjoying vibrant
autumn leaves colors. Currently the foliage around Kawaguchiko
lake area has already reached its peak and if you want to  enjoy 
autumn atmosphere here, you have only few days left to do so.

Recommended Route from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko:

Shinjuku Station→Otsuki Station→Kawaguchiko Station

From Shinjuku station take JR Chuo Line, track No. 10 in direction
to Kofu or Matsumoto and get off in Otsuki station. It will take
approximately one hour and the price of the ticket is 930 Yen.
From Otsuki station take Fujikyu Railways to the last stop which is
Kawaguchiko station. It will take approximately one hour as well.
The price of the ticket is 1 140 Yen and in case you will take a rapid
train you need to pay an extra charge 400 Yen.

Once you get to Kawaguchiko station, you will have many options
how to move around and spent your free time here. Among the wide
range of other tourist attractions available around Lake Kawaguchiko
are mainly hot springs baths and various museums.

From Kawaguchiko station, two retro bus lines provide tourists with
local transportation around Lake Kawaguchiko and neighboring Lake
Saiko (red and green line). You can purchase one day pass bus ticket
for 1 300 Yen for unlimited bus riding.Keep in mind that on busy days
waiting time in lines can be more than one hour.

Recommended Route around Kawaguchiko Lake:

Kawaguchiko StationKawaguchiko Lake→Ropeway Kachi Kachi→

Boat cruise→Restaurant Hana→Maple Tree Tunnel

Local Open Market→Kawaguchiko Station

1. Kawaguchiko Lake
In case you decide to walk to Kawaguchiko lake, walk straight from
Kawaguchiko station, cross two traffic lights and you will get to a map of
Kawaguchiko area. If you have this map on your right, turn right and 
walk few more meters until you will see Kawaguchiko lake in front of you.
In this area you will find also many restaurants and souvenirs shops.

2. Ropeway Kachi Kachi
Ropeway is leading onto a small mountain Tenjo next to the lake. If you
decide to take a ride, you will elevate to the height of 1 075 metres from
where you can have a  view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi.
If you are lucky and the weather is clear, you can have a spectacular view.
Even though Kawaguchiko lake is located right at the base of Mt. Fuji,
the mountain is not always visible because of clouds. Visibility is usually
best in the early morning (before 9 A.M.) and in the late afternoons.
We recommend you to check weather forecast before you decide to
come here.

Japan Weather Forecast for Travellers:

Kachi Kachi Ropeway`s official Website

3. Ride on Boat

When you reach the lake, turn to your right and keep walking around
the walking path around the lake. For the view of Mt. Fuji turn to the
direction from where you started to walk.

The best views of Mt. Fuji can be enjoyed from the lake`s northern
shores. From the walking path you can see fishermen around the lake.
If you wish you to rent the boat and you can enjoy autumn scenery
during your boat ride.

4. Lunch at Hana Restaurant with a Great View on Mt. Fuji
On the northern side of Kawaguchiko Lake there are many restaurants
as well. I have chosen to eat in restaurant Hana which is one of
the restaurant recommended by Trip Advisor 2017. Menu was written
in English, staff could also speak English and wifi was available. Moreover
from the restaurant is a stunning view on Mt. Fuji. I ordered pork rib set
menu (1 300 Yen) which was very delicious and quite filling and I could
choose dessert from five different options.

5. Mapple Tunnel Area

After your meal in this area keep walking along the lake and you will
arrive to maple tree tunnel area which is favorite spot for photographers.

Mid-November is the peak viewing season but the colors of the leaves
are just amazing. Do not forget to make an autumn selfie here.

6. Local Open Market
During peak season you will find a lots of stalls with traditional
local delicious food. Popular for this area is Mitarashi dango which are
coal roasted Japanese rice dumplings balls on a stick with sweet soy
sauce glaze.

This was end of my walk as I had only half a day left therefore I slowly
return back to Kawaguchiko station taking the same route. However,
there are plenty of more places to see, therefore if you have more time
please enjoy beauty of this place.

Map of Route from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko:

Kawaguchiko StationKawaguchiko Lake→

Ropeway Kachi Kachi→Boat cruise→Restaurant Hana

Maple Tree TunnelLocal Open Market→Kawaguchiko Station

For more information about this area please check following website:

Author of the Article: Eva Navratilova