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Tokyo Tower! Best Photogenic Spots!

by WJSstaff 2181

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Tokyo Tower, one of Tokyo's main features, is

photogenic both in daytime and night time.

Lots of people will take its photos without

even thinking about it! Today we would like

to introduce you areas from where you can have

the best view of Tokyo Tower!♪

Recommended Course:

Onarimon Station → Zojoji Temple →

Tokyo Prince Hotel → Tokyo Tower →

Okura Cafe → Daimon Station


Distance: 2,4 km

Time: 32 minutes + Shrine Visit & Lunch


1. Recharge your energy at Zojoji Temple associated

with Tokugawa shogun, located near Tokyo Tower.♪

When you get off at Onarimon station and walk a little

bit, you will come across a big bright gate. This is

where the origin of this place name comes from. It

serves as the front gate and entrance to Zojoji Temple

as well. It was a family temple of Tokugawa Clan during

the Edo period.

When you pass through the big gate and walk for a

while, you will come across the middle gate of Zojoji

temple, which is called San-mon. From this spot Tokyo

Tower is visible as well, therefore we recommend you

to take your commemorative photos here. It is said that

after you walk through this gate you will get rid of three

Bon-No (Evil passions) - Musabori, Ikari and Orokasa

(greediness, anger and carelessness) and become

enlightened. The gate was named Sangedatsumon

(the gate of three liberations). It is also listed as an

important cultural heritage of Japan.

After purifying your body at the "chozuya" - a water

pavilion for ceremonial purification, clean your heart

with the help of incense smoke and visit the main

shrine. Zojoji temple has a deep connection to

Tokugawa family, and it seems to bring good winning

luck, so get a temple seal (Goshuin) there♪


Zojoji Temple

4-7-35 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Visiting Hours: Anytime

(Temple's Office Hours 9:00-17:00)



2. Lunch at Tokyo Prince Hotel's Cafe & Bar at the

location right in front of Tokyo Tower.♪

Having been renovated as recently as April 2017,

this cafe & bar is a great place to take a break! Have

lunch at the comfortable spacious terrace which can

be found on the 3rd floor of the Tokyo Prince Hotel

(Cafe & Bar Tower View Terrace).

From the delicious menu choose the filling "Hamburger

from 100% Domestic Beef Patty with Fried Potatoes for

2,500 Yen".♪ Just one bite will make your mouth full,

and juicy gravy will not stop overflowing! Have a blissful

moment sitting in the spacious terrace seats while

eating your delicious lunch and watching Tokyo Tower

right in front of you.


Tower View Terrace Cafe & Bar


(Restaurant Reservation Reception 10:00-18:00)

Tokyo Prince Hotel 3F

Lunch 10:00-17:00

Dinner 17:00-21:30



3. Looking at Tokyo Tower from the foot is incredible!

There are also many entertainment facilities.♪

Let’s see Tokyo Tower, which is boasting with height

of 333 meters, closer! Walk slowly to the foot of the

tower. When you reach it and look up, you will be

overwhelmed by a magical view! In addition to a large

observation deck 150 meters above the ground, you can

find various cafe and amusement facilities there.


Tokyo Tower

Opening Hours: 9:00-23:00 (Last Entrance 22:30)

Main Observatory (150 m above ground) 

Admission Fee for Adults 900 Yen

(Special Observatory (250 m) is closed for renovations)



4. Feel relaxed while enjoying delicious coffee

at Kuora Cafe♪

If you walk in the direction towards Daimon station,

you will discover the stylish Kuora Cafe. You will be

tempted to enter the shop by the delicate coffee aroma.

The shop owner believes that this is the best coffee

he has ever had. The coffee is using highest quality

roasted beans from Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture.

After walking in a cold day warm up your body with

a cup of delicious coffee!


Kuora Cafe


1-7-14 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00

Regular Holiday: Mondays

After relaxing in the cafe you will see that it is

already dark outside and Tokyo Tower has lit up.

When you come closer to the bottom of the

tower again, you will see it illuminated and the

view is just fantastic! Tokyo Tower at night has

its exceptional beauty therefore we do recommend

you to see it.


Onarimon Station → Zojoji Temple →

Tokyo Prince Hotel → Tokyo Tower →

Okura Cafe → Daimon Station


Distance: 2,4 km

Time: 32 minutes + Shrine Visit & Lunch



Author of the Article: Mitchiko Kitsu

Translated and modified by: Eva Navratilova

Original article in Japanese