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Stroll around Nostalgic Jiyugaoka and its Retro Shops

by WJSstaff 2835

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Nostalgic scenery of healing Jiyugaoka where time stops 

in Showa. Even if it has a strongly stylish Western image

in fact there are many spots with retro atmosphere 

drifting in the air. Let`s walk around Jiyugaoka 

where you come across Japanese old-style houses cafes 

and miscellaneous retro shops.♪

Recommended Course:

Jiyugaoka Station→Katakana/カタカナ→OLD ONES NOKOSU→

BROCANTE→Kosoan→Kumano Shrine→Jiyugaoka Station


Distance 1.4km 

Time      20 minutes Tea Time  Shopping Time


1. Let`s take a look at souvenir shops 

with Japanese cool items!

If you walk just one street away from the area 

where various shops are lining up, you will find 

general shop “katakana/カタカナ” with miscellaneous 

traditional Japanese souvenirs.

Inside the shops, you can find various products using

traditional Japanese technologies such as nostalgic 

toys Otedama and Kendama or other products such as 

glass or garments and leather goods

Regularly planned exhibitions are held in this shop, 

therefore each time you have a chance

to visit this place you can rediscover Japan.♪



5-20-21 First Wachi Bld. 1F, Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Tel.: 03-5731-0919

Opening Hours: 11:0020:00

Closing Day: Irregular

Web Site: http://katakana-net.com/ 


2. Great choice of retro items! A place where 

you can find various “nostalgic goods” !♪

When you walk just a bit from katakana/カタカナ area, 

you will discover “OLD ONES NOKOSU” which has 

a completely retro feeling. 


Inside the shop, Showa retro items such as appliances, 

cooking utensils and wardrobe line up. Surrounded by 

nostalgic items you can enjoy shopping with a feeling 

that you have returned in time. The colorful glasses and vases

from cool antique glass are lovely as well.



5-20-13 Saso Bld.103, Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Tel.: 03-6421-2503

Opening Hours: 12:0020:00

Closing Day: Wednesday

Web Site: https://oldones-nokosu.stores.jp/


3. Antique shop loving “ancient taste”

At the opposite side of the street there are many 

encounters. This time we found a store “BROCANTE” with 

various French antique furniture. Thanks to a beautiful 

greenery outside appearance is wonderful as well.  

Inside the store there is of course antique furniture, 

table ware and lovely bouquets from dried flowers 

and various other items. There are many items that 

you want to use for a long time.



3-7-7 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo-to

Tel.: 03-3725-5584

Opening Hours: 13:0018:00

Closing Day: Each Wednesday & First Thursday

Web Site: http:// www.brocante-jp.biz/


4. Coffee time in old Japanese style house


At the end of various retro shops tour enjoy 

coffee time at the  cafe "Kosoan" with wonderful 

Japanese garden. From popular window side seat, 

you can have a great view at the garden.


Slightly bitter green tea “Matcha” together with azuki 

beans is known as Kosoan style Matcha Shiratama Zenzai     

(930 Yen) and tastes just great! Enjoy your

dessert while you are relaxing.


Inside a tea house which looks like a gallery, 

there are displayed antique products from 

Japanese artist Watanabe Fukuko. You can 

surely sense art atmosphere here. 



1-24-23 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Tel.: 03-37018-4203

Opening Hours: 11:0018:00

Closing Day: Wednesday

Web Site: http://kosoan.co.jp/



5. End Your Walk at Jiyugaoka`s Power Spot

We recommend you one more place that you should visit 

in this area. This place is a power spot “Kumano Shrine”.

People come to this shrine to pray for a good harvest, victory,

happy marriage and other reasons. Therefore, when you

come to Jiyugaoka, please visit this place as well. 


Kumano Shrine

1-24-12 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo-to

Tel.: 03-3717-7720

Entrance Day to the Shrine: Opened every day, no holidays


Jiyugaoka Station→Katakana/カタカナ→OLD ONES NOKOSU→

BROCANTE→Kosoan→Kumano Shrine→Jiyugaoka Station


Time20 minutes Tea Time & Shopping Time

Budget: 1,000 Yen

Author of the Article: Saki Takahashi

Translated and modified by: Eva Navratilova

Original Article in Japanese language: