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Delicious Food of Kameari

by Veronika 2452

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When Japanese think of Kameari, they often
remember the famous manga "This is the
Police Station in Front of Kameari Park in
Katsushika Ward" (aka "KochiKame") and the
main character Ryo-san. While the presence
of the comic is strong in the region, there are
other places of interest in Kameari. You can
find plenty of cheap restaurant and bars
around here for your entertainment!

Recommended route

Kameari Station (North Exit) →
Lucky Bread Yoshida Pan →
You Road → Kameari Menchi →
Edokko → Kameari Station

Distance: 1.4 km
Time: 18 min + meals
Budget: 3,000 yen

1. Taste the happiness at Lucky Bread
Yoshida Pan!

Billboard for the store with a mascot and a
hot dog bun.

As you eat these hot dog buns, you will have
good luck. That is the friendly concept behind
"Lucky Bread Yoshida Pan". As you head
towards the store from Kameari station, you
will see many families holding hands and
elderly people walking around. This cozy
atmosphere makes you feel like you are
As you enter the "Lucky Bread", you will be
greeted with a bright interior and wide smiles
of the staff. The inside of the store resembles
a sushi restaurant slightly with a counter and
showcase. As you order, staff puts the
ingredients into the hot dog bun.
There are around 30 different ingredients you
can choose from - from sweet "Red Beans with
Margarine" (190 yen) and "Cookie & Vanilla"
(200 yen) to more savory ones like "Egg"
(270 yen) or "Potato Salad" (270 yen). You
can choose whichever suits your mood best!

Top Left: All the different types of sandwiches!
Get a different one every day.
Top Right: The staff greets you with bright
Bottom Left: Some items on the menu change
depending on the season, so do check them
Bottom Right: The poster with a nice phrase
"happiness day by day".

"Lucky Bread Yoshida" in Kameari was inspired
by an old bakery in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture
called "Fukuda Pan". After receiving a delicious
"Fukuda Pan" sandwich as a present, Yoshida
was so amazed, that he started working there
as a disciple. After learning the secrets of the
taste, he opened his own "Lucky Bread Yoshida
Pan". Soon after its' opening, the store became
one of the most popular places in Kameari.
Even if you reach the store early in the
morning, you will see customers going in one
after the other, as it is a well-liked shop among
the locals, not only visitors.

Lucky Bread
5-40-1 Kameari, Katsushika-ku Tokyo
Open Mon 7:30-13:00, Tue~Sun 7:30-17:30

If the weather is good on the day of your visit,
head over to the Kameari Park, located just 3
minutes from "Lucky Bread" store and have
yourself a nice picnic.

Top Left: Colorful playground in Kameari Park.
Top Right: A popular manga character Ryo-san
is sitting on the bench.
Bottom Left: Milk in a triangle paper pack.
Bottom Right: Have a picnic sitting next to

Our recommendation is a combination of the
popular "Ham Cutlet" (300 yen) sandwich and
some milk!

Holding the fluffy hot dog bun in your hands
brings pure joy.

The crunchy ham cutlet in a fluffy huge hot dog
bun is heavenly! There is also a nice amount of
cabbage in the sandwich, but the whole thing is
so delicious, that it disappears immediately!

2. Meet the famous manga character Ryo-san!
After filling your stomach with a delicious meal,
take a nice walk down the You Road. You Road
is the name of the biggest shopping street in
Kameari; it starts at the South exit of the
Kameari station and continues down the old
Mito Kaido road. As you walk around, you will
meet Ryo-san, Nakagawa and Reiko - the main
characters of KochiKame.

Top: A friendly greeting from Ryo-san,
Nakagawa and Reiko.
Bottom: Ryo-san waving his hand at you.

You Road has a long history, beginning with its'
establishment in 1930. You can still see some
old stores and restaurants with retro billboards
as you walk around. With the rising numbers of
supermarkets and convenience stores in the
area, many of the old shops have disappeared,
so the ones that are still left are even more
nostalgic and precious.

The biggest shopping street in Kameari -
You Road.

The retro signs give off a nostalgic Showa
(1926-1989) feeling.

There are many statues of Ryo-san on this
shopping street. Not only of him as an adult,
but also as a child! Try to find all of the statues!
There is a map with the locations available on
the You Road website, so do check it out!

A statue of a young Ryo-san looks full of

You Road (Kameari Ginza Shopping Street)
3-21-6 Kameari, Katsushika-ku Tokyo
03-5680-8685 (Service center)
Open Weekdays 12:00-19:00
Weekends & Holidays 10:00-16:00

3. Stuff your cheeks with the famous "Kameari
Menchi" fried minced meat!

The outside of the store with a nice banner.

After a satisfying walk, you can start the fun
part of the outing! First, go to the famous fried
minced meat cake store "Kameari Menchi".
When you reach a personal seal store on
You Road, turn left and you will find your
"Kameari Menchi" is a store often featured in
various media and a favorite place of many
famous Japanese people. You can ask for
take-out menu, or just eat in the store. The
restaurant boasts a nice varied menu.

Top Left: The numerous signs of famous
Top Right: Even here you can see the images
of Ryo-san.
Bottom Left: Famous drink on the menu -
highball made from Japanese spirit Shochu.
Bottom Right: You can meet the regulars of
the store!

The regular minced meat cake is only 170 yen!
You can get many different types of cakes -
from plum to curry or red pickled ginger.
Choose whichever ones look the best to you or
ask the staff for their recommendations!

Juicy pork in a crunchy coating! It goes well
with the original highball.

All minced meat cakes in the store are made
from 100% pork, that is why they are so juicy!
However, since the chef prepares the cakes in
fresh oil right after ordering without using the
old one, these cakes are not too heavy on the
stomach. The coating is so crunchy, it makes a
loud noise as you bite into it.

Delicious highball with a floating lemon.

There is also a variety of drinks in the store.
The most popular "Kameari Ball" (350 yen)
highball made from Japanese spirit is a highball
without ice. This drink is strong in flavor,
plentiful with carbonated bubbles and
refreshing lemon. It complements the meat
cakes well, making it easy to drink.
The store is frequented by people from all
walks of life - from tired salary-men, to families
with kids. You can even meet elderly regular
customers, who praise the meat cakes for
being healthier than the regular store-bought

Kameari Menchi
3-32-5 Kameari, Katsushika-ku Tokyo
Open Tue-Fri 11:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00
Weekends and Holidays 11:00-21:00
Closed on Mondays
(if Monday is a holiday, then on Tuesday)

4. Relax after a long day with a nice drink
in "Edokko".
For your final stop, head to an old Kameari
establishment known for its' roast giblets -
"Edokko". The inside of the store is one long
counter with seats provided and a space for
standing customers. The store is full even as
early as 5 PM!

Top Left: The simple design of the signs
is the best.
Top Right: Original highball (360 yen)
Bottom Left: Orders are taken by the friendly
Bottom Right: A nice place to drink with older

Most of the customers are men in their
40's - 50's. It is quite interesting to have a
drink in such an unusual company. As you
look around you will notice that most
customers are drinking the special original
highball made from Japanese spirit Shochu. 
The color of the drink is yellow, and the
carbonated bubbles are strong. Highball
from "Kameari Menchi" had a stronger flavor,
but the one in this store is more refreshing
with no sweetness. Usually highball drinks
are served with no ice, but in summer you
can ask the stuff for some.
We recommend trying grilled heart and
tongue skewer set for 360 yen. Skewers
in Edokko are only sold in sets of 4, so be
careful when ordering! The meat is tender
and chewy, perfect with a drink!

Order cucumbers with miso sauce for a
delicious snack.

As the distance between patrons is small, you
can easily engage in conversations with the
people around you. Some regular customers
might even give you valuable advice on what to
order and when (raw fish sells out quickly, so
you should order it first). All in all it is a nice
place where you can surround yourself with
real and authentic Japanese atmosphere, and
make some interesting friends along the way.
Going to fancy restaurants with your girlfriends
is fun, but sometimes you need a taste of local

5-32-1 Kameari, Katsushika-ku Tokyo
Open Weekdays 16:30-20:30
Closed on Weekends and Holidays


The shops discussed in the article have one
thing in common - close proximity between
people. The staff is friendly and kind, and
the customers are also eager to talk openly.
The cozy feeling will help you spend your
time comfortably.
Kameari area is perfect for people tired after a
long day's work and everyday worries, who just
want to relax and maybe have a heartfelt talk
with a stranger.



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