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A Girl's Day Out!

by Veronika 2842

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Musashi Koyama is located two stops by
Tokyu line from Meguro station. Locals lovingly
call it "Musako". In this area there are plenty
of big places under construction, so it seems
it will become quite popular really soon.
When people think of "Musako", the first thing
that comes to mind is the 800-meter-long
arcade and the "Palm" shopping district,
where it is located (you can read more about
it HERE). However, there are many other
unique and interesting places around the
station. The topic for the outing this time is
"Girl's Day Out"!

Recommended Route

Musashi Koyama Station (West Exit) →
Teuchi Soba Chirin →
Nagi Shokudo →
Wine Bar Sanchome →
Kaochan's house de Meshikuitei →
Musashi Koyama Station (West Exit)

Distance: 1.6 km
Steps: 2,738
Time: 21 min + meals
Budget: 6,000 Yen

1. Start your trip by enjoying hand-made
noodles and Japanese sake.

After leaving the station's West exit, head past
Koyamadai High School, listening to energetic
voices of kids participating in their after-school
activities outside. After a 4-minute walk, you
will reach a store with a glass front called
"Teuchi Soba Chirin". It is actually a sister
establishment of the popular "Gakudai
Kaku-uchi" restaurant in Gakugei University

When it first opened in 2007, "Teuchi Soba
Chirin" had a very limited menu, however now
it has a wide variety of soba noodles, snacks
and sake! Snacks made using the soup stock
from carefully selected fresh fish were indeed

Sake came in adorable yellow bottle with
matching cups. We recommend trying
Izumibashi sake, red label (800 yen).
The combination of mackerel, watercress, and
creamy potatoes makes their potato salad
unique and delicious (780 yen).
Egg roll made with dashi soup stock (700 yen)
is a perfect companion of sake!
The most popular main dish is "Tenseiro"
wooden soba noodle basket with tempura
(980 yen at lunch).
The hand-made noodles are made from 2 parts
udon flour and 8 parts ? soba flour. In this store
these types of noodles seem to be a little
harder than usual. The dish is flavorful and has
a nice fragrance - you can taste the high
standards of the owner of the store. Shrimp
and vegetable tempura compliments the
noodles very well.

The more you eat the noodles, the more their
nice aroma spreads through your mouth.

There are also seats on the second floor of the
establishment, so you can easily fit in a bigger
group of people for even more fun on your day

Teuchi Soba Chirin
3-5-20 Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Open Mon~Thu 18:00~01:30 (L.O. 1:00)
Fri, Sat Lunch 12:00~15:00
Dinner 18:00~1:30 (L.O. 1:00)
Sun, Holiday 12:00~1:30 (L.O. 1:00)
Closed for New Years

After filling your stomach with delicious soba
noodles and sake, wander around the town
for a bit to clear your head.

You might even stumble upon old billboards
and signs that haven't been changed for a
while, transporting you back in time. Notice
your surroundings, and don't forget to snap
some pictures!
After walking for a bit longer, you will reach
Route 420. Cross the street and head towards
Heiwa-dori shopping street. There are plenty
of shops selling fresh fish, meat and vegetables
on this street, and they have all kept their
traditional look and atmosphere. As you reach
the shops, you can hear music and people's
voices coming from various directions. It really
is a nostalgic Japanese setting.

On weekends the street is closed for vehicles
and therefore is bustling with locals and
visitors alike.
You can also find "Futaba Food Center" grocery
store - a place that has been popular for over
50 years!

2. A healthy day out menu.

After enjoying a walk through the shopping
street, you will see an old tofu store and a
Squeezed in between them is the "Nagi
Shokudo". The owner of the store is a former
songwriter and has many foreign musician
friends who often visit him. Apparently, many
of these foreign friends are vegetarian, and
since in Japan it is quite difficult to find a good
vegetarian restaurant, the owner decided to
open up his own store.

Even though the store opened only two years
ago, it has already become a part of the
traditional feel of the shopping street.
You can spot the store by its' green sign and
door. The vegetables all come from local
providers from the shopping street, and the
menu usually consists of 8~10 items. A regular
item on the menu is the soy meat with falafel
(patty made from chickpeas). Even though real
meat is not used when making the falafel, it is
still juicy and delicious! The menu changes
every day, and you can get various dishes from
spicy ones using cumin or coriander to healthy
coconut milk ones, making it a place one could
go every day!

There is also a take-out window with the
ingredients on display looking inviting.
If you follow the theme of "Girl's Day Out", order
a set of 3 assorted dishes and a beer (1000
yen). Enjoy your meal while talking to the owner
about his vision and opinions about food. The
food is so good that you might want to
recommend it to people who consider
vegetarian food bland and boring. Vegetables
paired with spices make really nice meals, which
taste even better with beer.

The dishes offered this particular day were:
Oriental radish and mushrooms with garlic
chive sauce, Brussels sprouts and potato roast
coconut lemon salad, and fried tofu three leaf

Nagi Shokudo
Horokudo bld.103, 4-2-6 Megurohoncho, Meguro-ku Tokyo
Open 11:30~19:00

3. Don't miss the elegant shop behind a
huge gate!

Leave the shopping street and head towards
Musashi Koyama station for 6 minutes. Across
the Oyama Central Clinic you will see a fancy
looking wine bar. The store has a dignified feel
to it ? it was built before WWII, over 80 years

The store front is unique with dazzling lights
and a 2-meter gate.
Inside the atmosphere is created by old
stained-glass panels and a vintage piano.
The owner of the store wishes for its' patrons
to be able to drink good wine without worries,
that is why prices here are reasonable from
500 yen per glass. You can even get a
well-known and loved Californian wine "Silkwood
Red Duet (Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon)" for
1000 yen per glass.

We recommend getting a set of three wines
from different countries selected by the owner
(1000 yen).
The wines are great for conversations about life
with your friends.
Order the "Empanada" (700 yen) to
complement your wine. Empanada is a meat pie
popular in the Americas and Spain, the hidden
accent flavor of soy sauce makes it particularly
delicious and perfect with red wine.

Insides of this pie are delicious and filled with

Wine Bar Sanchome
3-2-16 Koyama, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
Open Mon~Thu 18:00~24:00 (L.O. 23:30)
Fri,Sat 18:00~2:00 (L.O. 1:00)
Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

4. Final stop - a bar/restaurant owned by
a female ex pro-wrestler!

On your way back towards the first store of
the day you will see your final destination.
It is a bar/restaurant opened 12 years ago
by an ex pro-wrestler Kaoru.
When asked about the name of the store
(Kaochan's House de Meshikuitei - Food Stop
at Kaochan's House), the owner explains:
"My friends would always say "I want to have
food at Kaochan's House", so the name just
stuck". That is why customers coming to this
shop can feel like personal guests of Kaoru.
The inside of the store looks like a bar with
only counter seating, but the menu is that
of a restaurant!

The store is quite famous, often being
featured on TV.
The store is about 16.5 ? with only one counter,
making it easy to converse with other
customers and make new friends fast.
Menu depends on the fresh ingredients
available on the market, making the total count
of menu items over 50. The dishes include both
Western and Japanese food, and specific
dishes can even be requested. You can even
order some nutritious pro-wrestler dishes.

The motto of Kaochan is "preparing fresh
ingredients in the best way possible".
A popular item on the menu is "Showa Chahan"
(950 yen) fried rice with pork, eggs, naruto
cured fish, and shallots.
Kaoru is loved by locals and pro-wrestling fans
alike. She creates a friendly atmosphere, so you
can even go to the store alone, ordering a huge
plate of deep-fried chicken (1,730 yen) and
a beer.

Kaochan's House de Meshikuitei
3-4-21 Koyama, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
Open 18:00~1:00 (L.O. 0:40)

How was the Girl's Day Out restaurant hopping?
There are plenty of places in Musashi Koyama
where one cn make friends with other
customers easily, and one visit to such a place
can make you fall in love with the streets of the
town. Go out while it's still bright outside and
enter any store that catches your attention -
that would be an advice to help you fully enjoy
the experience.


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