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Morning Walk around Tsukiji Fish Market

by Eva 3139

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Buy and eat breakfast at the market!
Mourning gourmet walk around "Tsukiji"

Although it is a weekend, how about to get up a little bit early
and visit during morning hours "Tsukiji fish market"?
At first let`s start with a light breakfast familiar to
Shojin meal (which is originally a vegetarian cuisine derived from
the dietary restrictions for Buddhist monks) at modern
Japanese style café located close to Tsukiji Hongan-ji Buddhist
temple. After that let`s go to "Tsukiji fish market" where
everyday while we are still sleeping, fresh food has been prepared
for transport to various grocery stores and restaurant and from there
right to the Japanese dinning tables.
Even though you might feel a bit hungry, please wait for a while and
certainly check our "Tsukiji gourmet walk"!

This time route:
Tsukiji station
Tsukiji Hongan-ji Café Tsumugi
Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market Tsukiji
("Inside" Tsukiji market area)
Tsukiji "Outside" area
Shintomicho station

Distance: 1,9 km
Steps: approximately 5,270 steps
Estimated Time: 23 minutes + time for observing, shopping and meal
Budget: 3,500 yen

1. Café in the neighborhood of the temple?
"What a luxury"! You can have a breakfast in a Café
neighboring the temple!  This place became the hot spot!
Why don`t you wake up about two hours earlier than usually
and arrive to Tsukiji station around 7:30 A.M.?
While you are still rubbing your sleepy eyes, get out of the station
taking stairs from exit No.1.
Suddenly right in front of you, you can see a huge temple.

The main hall was built in a way to imitate an ancient Indian Buddhist
architecture. Visual features such as dome`s shaped roof will change
your image of temple! "Tsukiji Hongan-ji" is a symbol of Tsukiji. There
might be many people who have passed around even though
they have never entered the temple.
As we came all the way here, let`s enter the main hall from the front
entrance. The main hall modeled on the base of Indian Buddhist
architecture (India is the birthplace of Buddhism) is an important
cultural property! Don`t forget to check the lotus flower decorations
on the roof.
When it becomes 8 A.M. head to the main hall and on the left hand
you will find Information Centre. It`s a very stylish place and you would
not believe that it is located in the premises of the temple.
One part of this area very stylish and very busy is "Tsukiji Hongan-ji Café
Tsumugi". How about having a breakfast here today?
The most popular menu is so called "too luxurious breakfast" which
includes 18 breakfast items (1,944 yen including tax)!
The breakfast time is every day only from 8 to 10:30 A.M.. However,
this Café gets orders for more than 40 breakfast every day.

"From which one would you like to start eating?"
A colorful small bowls are lined up on the tray. If you would like to try to
count them, you will get sixteen side dishes total plus one porridge and
one miso soup. This number`s meaning is the number of Amitabha Nyorai`s
"18th fundamental desire`s" (primal vows).

You might wonder what kind of side dishes are these small bowls but
at the moment you lift up the bowls you will see the names of each menu.
"Fried eggplant and minced soya beans meal" is surprisingly similar to meat.
These small bowls are filled up with mainly vegetable-based side dishes.
Even though this breakfast contains a big volume of food, it is very healthy.
Another pleasant fact is that you can try here an egg omelet from famous
shop "Tsukiji Shouro" or minced fried fish tofu from "Tsukiji Kibun" shop.
All of these side dishes match perfectly with rice therefore you can eat up
all your rice quite easily (rice can be refilled for free!)
Amongst all eighty two seats, the most popular one is the seat closest to
the window. Would you like to know why?

From this seat you are able to admire the main temple hall while eating
and relaxing at the same time. As this seat is usually occupied soon,
don`t forget to request the café staff on time to be able to have this
wonderful experience.
This lovely Café and original shop are great spots in the precincts
and surely you can feel here the near presence of the temple.

Tsukiji Temple Café Tsumugi
Tsukiji Hongan-ji Information Centre
3-15-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5565-5581
Business Hours: 8:00~21:00
(morning breakfast time 8:00~10:30)
(alcoholic beverages can be served from 16:00~)
Closing Day: None
URL: https://www.pronto.co.jp/shop/detail?shopid=PR00009038

2. Let`s visit a place known as "Kitchen of Tokyo" where the food
professionals gather!

Did you know that Tsukiji market is divided into so called "inside" and
"outside" areas?
"Inside" area is managed by Tokyo city and the official name is "Tokyo
Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market Tsukiji". In this area you can
purchase exactly the same items as the food professionals use such as
various ingredients or cooking utensils. Therefore, visit this "inside" area
How to get inside this area might seem a bit confusing. Please enter from
the main gate facing Harumi street.

Many vehicles can be seen in front of this area especially from
early morning to approximately 9 A.M., as they deliver fresh products to
restaurants and grocery stores. If you wish to visit "inside" area,
we recommend you to come between 9 and 10 A.M. when the delivery
peak time is already over!

Right when you enter, lots of hardware shops and kitchen knives
specialty shops can be seen in the street on your right side.
When you enter this area some friendly shop staff may start talking to you
and recommend you a market tour which starts at 10 A.M.
You can find here all possible types of cooking utensils used by professionals
and you might be amazed how many types of graters are displayed here.
Enjoy exciting feeling of discovering all types of cooking utensils that you
did not even know that they exist! For those visitors who loves cooking,
this place will be almost like a paradise~!

Small restaurants are surrounded by many tourists and in front of
some shops are created super long lines of people waiting
for the delicious meals.Together with sushi, you can see
other delicious meals such as seafood rice bowl, tempura and others.
After delicious breakfast you had previously in temple Café, you might
still feel full but how about to check this area to know which restaurant
you would like to visit on next occasion when coming here?
While walking around the market, compare interesting signboards and
menus. Did you find a store with "luxury chopsticks" or anago donburi
(which is grilled conger eel placed on the top of rice dish) shop?
During weekdays this restaurant serves delicious fresh sashimi as well!
Next time we recommend you to come here around 8 A.M. when the line is
not too long yet and try this delicious meal.

When you keep searching around this area, you will discover a perfect snack
like meal called tamagoyaki (which is rolled egg). It tastes amazingly and
even after a big breakfast you had previously in temple Cafe,
you will not have any problem to finish it!
Tamagoyaki is a famous Tsukiji market gourmet and even though you might
find it in many shops which specialize just on tamagoyaki,
we recommend you to get one from "Marutakaya store".
They offer already cutted tamagoyaki into small pieces which can be eaten
even while you are walking! The price for this
delicatessen is only 100 yen (tax included).
The taste is slightly sweet and definitely worth to try!

This year in October Tokyo Metropolitan Wholesale Tsukiji Market
will be relocated to Toyotsu (known as "inside"). It seems that
approximately one hundred shops will have to close the business.
Therefore visit this "inside area" before October this year so you can
experience still current Tsukiji market atmosphere.

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Tsukiji Markte
5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-3541-0952
Business Hours: different for each shop
Closing Day: different for each shop
URL: http://www.tsukijigourmet.or.jp/list.htm

3. Enjoy discovering "outside" wonderland area of Tsukiji market while

Tsukiji outside market (known as "outside") is managed by facility
Tsukiji Outside Market Shopping District Promotion Association.
There are no gates to enter this space.
You can freely enjoy shopping or eating in this area which might
remind you a shopping street. There are many shops located here
and many of them are crowded with curious tourists!

Left top photo: "Discover huge chunks of tuna which you might have never seen before!"
Right top photo: "Tuna is obviously still very popular! GET a good bargain!
Left bottom photo: Knife store specialty shop is located not only "inside" but also in
"outside" area of the market. The serious look of working craftsmen is very COOL!
Right bottom photo: GET some raw oysters and crabs at this spot!
It is a luxury experience which comes very rarely!

When you walk around, you can find stores with fish hanging
at the eaves. Coming closer makes you realize that the hanging fish
is salmon. Even though you find out that this one is not real,
you can see that inside the shop they have real ones.

On the right photo is fish that has been drying for more than
one month already. At the other photo is another fish that
have been drying for about three months.
Their color turned to brown. Some people might not want to enter
into the shop as the smell of the salmon is quite strong.

Another interesting shop is shop with wine and Japanese sake&groceries
called "Shubiduba". During the opening hours between 10 A.M. and 3 P. M.
area inside the shop becomes an open space where you can enjoy eating
food and drink your favorite alcohol beverages purchased at the market.
Being able to enjoy Tsukiji gourmet items such as wine and Japanese sake
is quite fun! The shops around sells also light snacks which is also quite

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market Tsukiji
5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-3541-0952
Business Hours: different for each shop
Closing Day: different for each shop

Leave the "outside" area of Tsukiji market and walk through Harumi street
towards Higashi Ginza for about five minutes. Turn right in front of
Kabukiza and walk straigh in the direction of "Kissa YOU" ("Cafe YOU").
If you keep walking suddenly in front of you, you might see people in a long queue.
It is a line for pupular "banana juice" which is also recent topic on SNS!

The name of the shop is called according to banana juice.
This shop does not open until banana is fully ripped and the juice is known
also as "phantom banana juice".

4. Feel great in a popular hidden salon! First head spa!
Walk one more minute from the banana juice shop and you will reach
a hair salon called "HAUS" (ハウス). Make your reservation at salon
in advance. As the price is usually around 10,800 yen we recommend you
to get a coupon (EPARK beauty) which cost is around 8,640 yen
(tax included).

The name of the store at the entrance is written in such small letters that you might easily
skip it without noticing it!

Hair salon HAUS is located in a house with comfortable colonnade space.
Hair and make up artists are not working only here but they are also
performing for TV or newspapers.
This hair salon accepts you only with the reservation and it is a very popular
high standard facility.
As mentioned before how about to get a coupon for limited time head spa
experience which is using products of popular cosmetic brand Shu Uemura.
Oil shampoo which is used during this treatment will leave
your head scalp clean and beautiful.
Shop personnel who will be in charge of you, will use all power and
massage your head all the way up from the top to neck part.
This will make you feel refreshed and relaxed.
Massage of the head will also improve your blood circulation.
If you wish you can spend some time in a private space which gives you
a special feeling of your importance.
Definitely after this experience you will want to come back here again.

HAUS (ハウス)
2-15-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-6887-5105
Business Hours: Reservation required
On Monday~Friday 12:00~22:00
On Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10:00~20:00
Closing Day: New Year`s holiday
URL: http://www.haushair.com/
Page for Reservations: https://tiful.jp/hair/salon-s1049905/

On the way back how about to stop at the big sakura tree?

During second half of March, if you come in the right timing and
you are lucky enough, you might witness beautiful cherry blossom.
Today`s breakfast at the vicinity of Tsukiji Hongan-ji Cafe and
the atmosphere of lively Tsukiji fish market can be experienced
only in the morning hours.
We think that get up early is definitely worth it!
Especially as Tsukiji market is going to be relocated to another place soon
and it will change its atmosphere completely, visit this place when you
can still experience current atmosphere.

Tsukiji station
Tsukiji Hongan-ji Café Tsumugi
Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market Tsukiji
("Inside" Tsukiji market area)
Tsukiji "Outside" area
Shintomicho station

Distance: 1,9 km
Steps: approximately 5,270 steps
Estimated Time: 23 minutes + time for observing, shopping and meal
Budget: 3,500 yen


Original article:
URL: https://sanporge.com/tsukiji_hayaoki/
Translated and modified by: Eva Navratilova