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Hair Styling Tips for Medium Length Hair (From Popular Hair Salon - Kakimoto Arms)

by Raveena 2456

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On days that you don’t really have a plan but want to wander around town aimlessly, simply trying a different hairstyle before heading out can give you a nice boost. We can almost hear you groaning “Elaborate dos are not my style. I’m so clumsy, I can never get them right” or “Even if I try, I end up with the same hairstyle every time”.  We know all too well that trying a new hairstyle can be intimidating, not just because of the time and effort involved, but because invariably one ends up disappointed. 

But fear not, for today we have with us hairstylists from “Kakimoto Arms ? Jiyugaoka Creo”, a popular hair salon that was established over 40 years ago. 


“Simply by adding a bit of technique to your usual ponytail or bun, you can get a comfortable and stylish hairstyle in almost no time.”  - Stylist Masami Yamamoto


This time around, we will introduce 2 kinds of hairstyles:

1. The "Super Easy, Super Quick" after-work hairstyle

2. The "Let's Give This a Shot" Weekend hairstyle

Super Easy, Super Quick After-Work Hairstyle: 3 Steps to a Fashionable Hairstyle


Model: Mariko (27)

My usual walking route, on my way back after work, is from Shibuya to Sangenjaya. Once I reach Sangenjaya, I usually have a drink to treat myself!

Medium length hair, like our model’s, is especially easy to style quickly and easily, according to the stylists at Kakimoto Arms. The model’s base hair colour is silky beige, which gives a soft impression.


“We added highlights which were a little different from the base color to emphasize the 3D effect and natural gloss”  - Colorist Iida Mayumi


By putting emphasis on the straggly bits of hair on the top of our heads, we can add volume to our hair. Even the clumsiest of people can try this hairstyle -Stylist Masami Yamamoto.

So, let’s go ahead and try out this recommended after work hairstyle, which is essentially a classic ponytail with a fashion forward twist. 



Even if you have straight hair, all you need to do is finger-comb your hair into a coarse ponytail. The result is a casual and natural finish. To finish, deliberately leave some strands of front hair loose around your face. 




Finger combing your hair adds volume and gives it a natural 3D feel ?

Use a large hairpiece for that extra touch!



Take a little hair oil (one squirt is fine) and spread it in the palm of your hand. Apply it all around your hair. This makes hair easy to style!

Hair oils are recommended for creating a damp look. Once applied, your hair will have that wet texture and finish ?




Gather your hair at a position that’s slightly below the ears and tie it tightly with a rubber band or hairpiece. Don’t forget to comb your hair back with your hands so that your hair looks smooth






The Main Point


With pinched fingers pull out bits from your ponytail in about 5-7 places but leave the nape area slack. This little effort will give your hair a voluminous and just-styled look!


Whether you are the type of person who always ends up with the same hairstyle, or if you want to try a new hairstyling technique, this is a quick and easy hairstyle you can try out before heading home or to meet a friend from work. 



The “Let’s Give This a Shot” Weekend Hairstyle. 


Safely secured by 3 rubber bands, this hairstyle is guaranteed not to budge even if you go wandering all across town! Ideal to try when you have time on your hands and want to experiment with something new!




"On my days off, I like to meet my friends and go to Omotesando in search of delicious sweets and coffee and check out new shops! Since I usually keep my hair down, I’d like to try a new hairstyle before going out on the weekend♪”


Although this hair arrangement might seem elaborate and fancy, it is in fact quite easy to make. “Random highlights can really bring life and movement to the hair, especially for divided ponytails or french braids.Since we often make a bun, all we need to do is add our version of the french braid and look effortlessly stylish. Since this hairstyle is quite sturdy, it is recommended for those long weekend walks! ((Ms. Yamamoto). So using just a little bit of technique, let’s master this hairstyle!




“Leaving the front part of your hair to frame your face, and a low but voluminous hairdo at the back, will give you a chic and effortless look”.






" By putting together your hair in two stages, your hair will have a 3-D silhouette. Plus, the strands of hair that frame your hair will add naturalness to the style” ? Ms. Yamamoto 




“The top has volume, the highlighting gives the hair life and the contrasting low bun makes for a chic effect” Ms. Yamamoto







Curl your hair outwards using a 32 mm curling iron. You can curl all the way up to your roots to create a more dramatic effect. 







Part your hair in two loose halves slightly above your ears and tie them together. Leave the front strands of your hair as they are. 






In the same way, take two halves of your lower hair and tie them together such that they overlap the first bundle of hair (Step 2). Tie loosely this time. 









Holding the hair bundle tied in Step 3, insert it into the gap at the center of the upper part of the knot, so as to make one complete turn from the bottom to the top. Then pull out hair bundle from the bottom pulling the hair both to the right and left and finish by arranging the shape.




Braid the hair bundles together and secure with a rubber band.






Turn the braided part upwards. Arrange into a bun so as to hide the ends of the braid. Secure with a bobby pin. It is also recommended to add hair accessories ?




Fancy Hair Styling for Everybody!


Even the editorial team was surprised to find out that the only barrier to a fancy hair style is just a bit of technique!


Just because you are clumsy doesn’t mean you can’t try these hairstyles. A little patience and technique are the key, so let`s try it out!


Next time we’ll be introducing hair styles for long hair so don’t forget to watch this space. 



The Experts behind today’s hair-styles.


Stylist Ms. Masami Yamamoto



Stylist for 12 years. Famous for casual and slightly messy hair styles

“A hairstyle tailored to your personality and face is always the most popular! The trend of this term is a feminine soft style accentuated by hair colour ♪ ♪”

Colorist Ms. Mayumi Iida




Colorist for 12 years. Famous for soft blended highlights. 


“Since color is tailored to each person’s preference, I feel satisfied helping customers with their ideal look. In autumn and winter, it is recommended to blend highlights finely with a base color of glossy gray or khaki, making an original, light color”




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