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6 Products to Survive this Summer with Tokyu Hands!

by Raveena 3121

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Join us with Ms. Kobayashi, PR representative of Tokyu Hands, as she spills the beans on 6 items we absolutely need to survive this summer!


Due to the recent double high-pressure conditions, Japan’s heatwave continues, strong as ever. We hope everyone is taking care not to get sunburnt or suffer a heat stroke. But all hope is not lost for our summer stroll loving ladies! 

We bring you 6 popular and essential products to cool yourself off this summer, exclusively from "Hands Be Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku".

Let’s get started!


Ms. Kobayashi's Standard Classic Course for Summer Woes


Ms. Kobayashi, like most of us ladies, loves shopping and usually plans her walking route around shopping - “Since the summer can get unbearable, I usually try and cool off at the shopping centers around the station, checking out new shops and products.”

You can check out the newest stroll around the trendy malls and shopping centers in Shinjuku as below!


JR Shinjuku Station East South Exit → "Tower Records Shinjuku Store" "Tokyu Hands Shinjuku Store" "NEWMAN" "Lumine 1" "Lumine 2" "Lumine Est" JR Shinjuku Station East South Exit


If you go to Shinjuku, you must visit the flagship store "Tokyu Hands Shinjuku". From little core items to trend items, the rich product lineup unique to large-format stores is attractive. Layouts and themes change often, so you can enjoy new items and products every time you go!



The "Hands be Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku store" we visited was full of fashionable and exciting jewelry. It was crowded from the moment the store opened. 



Two points that anybody who spends time outdoors during the summer should keep in mind:


?To prevent sunburn or heatstroke, try and walk indoors or in the shade as much as possible.

"Especially this summer, one of the hottest Japan has ever faced, I try to walk as much as possible in the shade or indoors, " says Ms. Kobayashi. If you are walking around a shopping center or mall, you can safely stay indoors and enjoy your walk as well. 


Bags or carry-ons should be as small & light as possible!

"Since I walk a lot, I have come up with a way to make life just a bit easier. For example, I keep my makeup articles to the bare minimum and keep only the required amount of money in my coin case." 

Among the items to be introduced after this, there is also an excellent item to help keep your bag light, so check it out!


A Selection of 6 hand-picked items to beat the Summer Heat


Here they are finally, 6 items carefully hand-picked to ensure that you don’t have to give up on your strolls, just because its Summer! They are divided into 3 categories:

1. Before going out

2. Carry with you

3. After return



Number 1 Protect your skin (and make-up) before your walk with UV Sun Spray!


No matter how well and how much make-up you apply, ten minutes in the humid Japanese summer will ensure that you have more sweat than make-up adorning your face *cries*


But fear not, “Makeup Protect UV Spray" will prove to be a handy buy this summer!


Makeup Protect UV Spray protects your skin from UV rays and keeps your make-up intact. Two birds, one spray!

UV Sun Spray boasts the domestic highest level of UV Block which is "SPF 50 + PA ++++"! "Makeup Protect UV Spray (60 g)" 1,620 yen (tax included) / Ishizawa laboratory


You may know that UV waves have different ranges, and long wavelengths are the most dangerous as they cut deep inside your skin. It is imperative to have a good sunscreen to protect your skin. With UV Sun Spray, all you have to do is spray on your face after you wear your makeup. The best part? No sticky hands, and your face gets a moist dewy sheen. 


Ms. Kobayashi says "This is actually quite handy because as long as you have this, you don’t need to carry too much make-up. I like to carry a small bag when I take a walk so it is perfect for me! It is also blended with orange essential oil and has a nice light citrusy fragrance.



Number 2 Feel Fresh and Chill with Cool Towel Mini


Walking even ten minutes in the summer can usually build up a mountain of sweat! Towels and handkerchiefs are necessities! Lately “cool towels” have become very popular! For anybody who wants to try a “cool towel”, here is our recommendation!



Shiro Kumo no Kimochi Cool Towel Mini (Yellow)" Handkerchief size towel (21.5 x 22 cm) is light, convenient and handy. It is a new product from the popular "Shiro Kuma no Kimochi” Cool Towel series. 648 yen (tax included) / Big Wing


"Shiro Kumo no Kimochi Cool Towel Mini (Yellow)" uses "cool thread", a fiber which produces a cold sensation effect at touch. So, even if you don’t wet it with water, you can feel coolness just by virtue of the towel coming in contact with your skin. This is a major advantage since you can keep the towel in your bag or pocket as it is.


Ms. Kobayashi says:“You can use it as it is, but it is even more effective if you wet it. In fact, each time I wipe sweat, the cool towel gets even cooler! It is definitely a must-have item for the summer! It is also very light and compact, so it does not take up too much space in a bag or pocket.”



Number 3 Limited Release in Japan! Refreshing Outdoor body spray


This spray is fast gaining popularity due to its ability to protect the skin from summer troubles. From Japan 's best - selling brand "Perfect Potion", this Japan' s exclusive "Outdoor Body Spray Mint" is a new and limited release. 



Formulated using only natural ingredients, it does not irritate the skin and can be used even after 6 months! It is most effective if you reapply once every two hours.

"Outdoor Body Spray Peppermint (50 ml)" 702 yen (tax included) / Perfect Potion Japan


Since it is made with mint essential oil, it has a cool and invigorating scent. It is refreshing to use on hot days and is a perfect companion for your summer walk. Since this is sold only in Japan, and is a limited edition, go get yours today!


Ms. Kobayashi says : "It's nice to be able to revive my mood with the refreshing scent of peppermint. It also keeps sweat and body odor away. The best part is that it is safe to use because it is made from only natural ingredients without using synthetic compounds! "



Number 4 Super cute and surprisingly lightweight tumbler


When out in the sun, the one thing you must never forget is hydration! To keep yourself happy and hydrated, we have for you the very cute "Animal Book Mug Bottle Penguin" tumbler. 



Since the lid and packing are detachable, it is easy to wash and keep clean.

"Animal Book Mug Bottle Penguin (480 ml)" 3,002 yen (tax included) / Doshisha


At 180g, this tumbler is lighter than most currently on the market. The large mouth opening makes it easy to add lots of ice. But most of all, this tumbler is super cute! Every time you take a sip of water, you have a chubby little penguin looking up at you?


Ms. Kobayashi says: "When it comes to water bottles or tumblers, there are a lot of mirrored finish or sporty ones available. What I like about the "Animal Book Mug Bottle Penguin" is the lovely matte surface and of course the cute penguin illustration! Although there is no worry of condensation since it has a vacuum double structure, I usually wrap it in a towel before keeping in my bag in order to avoid any scratches on the surface. "



Number 5 Lightweight All-in-one UV and Rain protection umbrella 


Since Japanese summer is famous for its summer showers, it makes sense to get an umbrella which protects you from both UV rays and the rain! 



Cute color and design. With an ultraviolet shielding ratio of 90% or more, it is also very useful as a parasol!

"Hands + Ultra-light folding umbrella 50 cm (pink border)" 3,348 yen (tax included) / Tokyu Hands”


"Hands + Ultra-light folding umbrella 50 cm" weighs about 99 g. That’s roughly the weight of 2 small eggs! The secret behind this ultra-lightweight umbrella is the thin polyester fabric and light and durable carbon structure.   


Ms. Kobayashi says:As both an umbrella and a parasol, you can use it every day. I keep it in my bag as a standby, come rain or shineAlthough lightweight umbrellas get a bad rep for being weak during windy season, the carbon structure of this umbrella is very sturdy, so you can use it with confidence. "




Number 6 Protect your skin from any traces of sunburn with a dense and luxurious “White Mask”


Yes, you’ve used every measure from an umbrella to a UV spray, but no matter how careful you are, chances are that your skin will definitely be exposed to UV rays. That’s why it’s important to practice aftercare when you’ve spent even a few hours in the sun and our last item “Luxurious White Mask” provides just that. 



Made in Japan, this mask fits the shape of one’s face well and is quite heavy, so you know that it packs a lot of moisture! "Transparent White Skin Mask N (10 pieces)" 648 yen (tax included) / Ishizawa laboratory


"Transparent White Skin Mask N" is perfect for preventing damage by UV rays.  A luxurious sheet mask, it has plenty of hyaluronic acid-containing dense serum to provide moisture and glow to the skin!


Ms. Kobayashi says:“I realized the importance of skin care after touching my 30s. Even if it is not visibly sunburned, skin that has been exposed to ultraviolet light suffers heavy damage. It is important not to neglect skin care. “Transparent White Skin Mask N" ‘s best point is that it contains plenty of essence so after applying the mask to your face, you can use the remaining essence on your arms, legs and decollate area!”

Do drop in if you are going to Omotesando ? Harajuku ?

"Hands cafe" where you can enjoy eating and shopping at the same time


The interview with Ms. Kobayashi took place at "Hands Cafe Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku". It is a convenient spot for shopping and a breather since it is attached to "Hands be"!



Stylish interior. The tiled floor is also very cute!


Perfect for the Summer: Recommended sweets and drinks!



From the left "Blue Lagoon (650 yen including tax)", "Fluffy thick roast pancake ~ mango & peach ~ (820 yen including tax)"


With a summer sea-like visual "Blue Lagoon" is a refreshing drink made of blue curacao syrup and grapefruit juice with soda. 


Ms. Kobayashi says:Although it looks like a cocktail, it has no alcohol so people who don’t drink can enjoy this


Fluffy thick roast pancake (mango & peach) is made of mango and peach with coconut pine ice, fresh cream. Indeed, a dream pancake ?


Ms. Kobayashi says: "The Pancake is a Hands Cafe icon, so it is a must-try! Because the pancake itself is not very sweet, it is perfect with sauce and ice cream. Incidentally, if you order the pancake, you can get 1 extra piece ~ "


Hands by Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku store

4-30-3 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 5F

? ? 03, 3405, 1095

Business hours 11: 00 - 21: 00

Closed holiday Tokyu Plaza Subscribe to Omotesando Harajuku



Hands Cafe Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

4-30-3 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 5F

? ? 03, 3478, 0717

Business hours 11: 00 - 21: 00 (L.O. 20: 30)

Closed holiday Tokyu Plaza Subscribe to Omotesando Harajuku




We are sure Ms. Kobayashi’s selections and comments really resonated with women, especially in the early 30s age group. Since most of the items introduced in this article are very popular, please get them before they run out of stock ~!


As a final word, we request all of you to be careful about heat stroke and sunburn while enjoying your summer adventures! ?